7 Easy Exercises You Can Do with a Fitness Ball

Easy Fitness Ball Workouts
07 Sep

A fitness ball can offer a great deal when it comes to health and exercise. In many instances, people use them to replace the chairs at desks. This is because the act of balancing your body while working flexes various muscle groups. It can be a very effective core workout when you don’t have time to properly exercise. Fortunately, there is much more you can do with a fitness ball than just sit on it. Read More

Why Six-Pack Ab Workouts Don’t Work

Six-Pack Ab Workouts
12 Apr

Whether you’re searching through Google or seeing advertisements on TV, it seems everyone has the “best” method for six-pack ab workouts. Unfortunately, not all of them work. Not because they are failed products or procedures, but because of several personal factors. The biggest impact to why these kinds of platforms don’t work is the individual. Not everyone will have the same experience with exercise routines or fitness products. Read More

7 Practical Reasons to Work On Your Core

Core Workout
30 Mar

The core of your body is essentially the abdomen, obliques, chest and back. Of course this is depending on who you’re talking to. Some experts believe the core is nothing more than the abdomen. In any case, working on your core has a great deal of practical uses whether your a body builder or an arm wrestler. In reality, it doesn’t matter how much muscle you have on your arms if your core cannot sustain you. Read More

Beginners Home Workout for Core Muscles

Obese Workout
29 Jan

Your core includes a variety of muscles that are often the most used in everyday life. These groups are what support your body and contribute to maximizing other physical activities such as weight training. You should never ignore the core muscles and should include work of some kind during a weekly routine. For the beginner, it will be a slow start until you build up momentum. Read More

Exercise: Lying Leg Raise

Lying Leg Raise
25 Jan

As I try to get myself into better shape, one of my favorite go-to exercises is the Lying Leg Raise. Although Exercise.com states that it’s an intermediate workout, it can be done by the novice – as long as you’re not trying to get an excessive number of reps. For example, I am completely out of shape and I can only do three sets of 10 without running out of steam to lift my feet. Read More