What Is the Best Workout Routine for Me?

Finding the best workout routine can be a subjective topic. The most effective routine for one person may not be that beneficial for another. I could say that my basic mix routine is the best way to get an overall workout for 20 minutes. However, this statement centers around personal experience. You might not find it very useful. All anyone can really do is describe what works for them as the best way to exercise.

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My 20 Minute Basic Mix Routine

I’ve covered this basic mix routine once before, but I wanted to make it a bit clearer for my new visitors. This is the workout I usually fall back on when I have the time to pick up the dumbbells. I call this a “mix” because I include weights and cardio inside the time span. It has been an effective workout and has also contributed to helping my golf game, if you can believe it.

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