How to Add Steps to Your Profile If Your Fitbit is Broke

A lot of people relish in getting as many steps as possible using their Fitbit devices. But what happens when your unit breaks? Do you leave your Fitbit profile idle until you’re able to replace the unit? What if you took off your Fitbit and forgot to put it back on before you add steps from a walk? Here is how you can still get credit for your physical activity.

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My Experience with Fitbit Support: Nothing Short of Amazing

Recently, after more than two years of use, my Fitbit Charge HR died. It was working, then it wasn’t. Like all electronic devices, it simply finished it’s term as a tracking device. So, I wrote an article about it and shared it on social media with no expectations other than it might attract a visitor or two. However, it piqued the interest of Fitbit support, and I was pleasantly surprised.

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