Are Fitness Apps Worth the Effort?

fitness apps
28 Aug

The wonders of technology make many facets of life much easier. Mobile devices and wearable tech offer many benefits, especially when it comes to your health. However, these fitness apps may not be as grand as you might believe. While few apps will fail due to inaccurate programming, most will fail because of the human element. Yes, it is individuals who will determine if an app is successful or not. Read More

Why Honesty in Fitness Record Apps Is Ideal

27 Apr

I’m a big fan of using fitness record apps such as and Runkeeper. Occasionally, I’ll see an entry from someone that is superhuman. For example, I saw someone record a 10-hour plank. While this may be possible, it started me thinking about how many people will create fake entries in order to look good in front of others. I bet it happens far more often than what some may believe. In fact, I know a few people who do similar things so that others won’t think they are failures. The truth is, you fail once you start doing this. Read More