Joys of Having Remarkable Fitness, and What it Means

Remarkable Fitness
11 Oct

Health and fitness are two exceptionally popular topics right now, especially in the United States. It seems everywhere you look, there is a new health product or an explosion of gyms in the area. However, not everyone really considers what goes into remarkable fitness. It goes beyond simply looking good or fitting into old clothes. Read More

Why Your Diets and Exercise Don’t Seem to Work

Diets And Exercise
09 Oct

Diets and exercise are the cornerstones of health and fitness. Unfortunately, not everyone experiences the same success. What works exceptionally well for one may be a miserable experience for another. Does this mean you’re just a doomed failure at life? Absolutely not. It means you may need to change your way of thinking. Read More

How to Be Realistic When Challenging Yourself

Challenging Yourself
04 Oct

A lot of people will set astounding goals to reach. Unfortunately, many of them will try to go beyond their grasp. Don’t get me wrong, reaching for the stars is good – as long as you keep one foot on the ground. Challenging yourself is a great way to find your limitations and discover more about who you are. Just be realistic when you do so. Read More

How Can Busy People Find Time for Workouts?

Busy People
29 Sep

It’s often difficult to find time to get in a workout in today’s fast-paced world. This is especially true for us desk jockeys who ride our chairs 16 hours a day. However, it’s not impossible for busy people to find time to work on health and fitness. Sometimes it just takes a bit of schedule modification and some sacrifice. Read More

Fitness Procrastination Wins Again, 5 Weeks and 40 Pounds to Go

Fitness Procrastination
25 Sep

It was my goal to be able to dress up as a superhero by this Halloween using my own body to provide the cool muscular appearance. But alas, fitness procrastination wins again. While I might not be able to look amazing after lathering myself up with liquid latex, that’s not going to stop me from at least trying to hit my goal. But is it worth the effort? Yes. Read More

7 Ways to Keep the Momentum for a Healthier Lifestyle

Momentum Of Cow
08 Sep

A lot of us will start of strong in health and fitness goals. However, a large portion of us will slowly decline in effort. This is one of the reasons why the term “fitness” peaks in January and bottoms out by the end of February in a Google search. Everyone starts off with a healthy New Year’s Day Resolution only to lose interest. What can you do to keep the momentum? Read More