The Quickest Ways to Rack Up Points in MyAchievement

Points In MyAchievement
14 Feb

MyAchievement is an easy way to make a few bucks while trying to be more healthy. I stumbled across this site last year, and so far it’s been a legitimate motivator. Although the payout is a bit infrequent, it’s still better than nothing at all. So, what are the quickest ways to get some points in MyAchievement? Read More

7 Ways Fitness Benefits a Command of Holiday Shopping

Holiday Shopping
24 Nov

For many people, holiday shopping is stressful and physically taxing. So many people flock to favorite stores to get discounts and deals, and some seem to be ready for combat. You’ve probably even seen stories on the news of people getting trampled on Black Friday. Have you ever considered how health and fitness impacts your ability to shop during the holiday season? Read More

Joys of Having Remarkable Fitness, and What it Means

Remarkable Fitness
11 Oct

Health and fitness are two exceptionally popular topics right now, especially in the United States. It seems everywhere you look, there is a new health product or an explosion of gyms in the area. However, not everyone really considers what goes into remarkable fitness. It goes beyond simply looking good or fitting into old clothes. Read More

How Can Busy People Find Time for Workouts?

Busy People
29 Sep

It’s often difficult to find time to get in a workout in today’s fast-paced world. This is especially true for us desk jockeys who ride our chairs 16 hours a day. However, it’s not impossible for busy people to find time to work on health and fitness. Sometimes it just takes a bit of schedule modification and some sacrifice. Read More

ARX and Fitness: We Need More Technology Like This

09 Aug

I am a big fan of gamifying virtually anything. It’s a proven method of motivation as well as productivity in the workplace. It also helps keeps people more centered on health and fitness. The New Zealand-based startup ARX hopes to bring some of that gamification to gyms around the world. And I can’t tell you how excited I am for this product. Read More