7 Ways Fitness Benefits a Command of Holiday Shopping

Holiday Shopping
24 Nov

For many people, holiday shopping is stressful and physically taxing. So many people flock to favorite stores to get discounts and deals, and some seem to be ready for combat. You’ve probably even seen stories on the news of people getting trampled on Black Friday. Have you ever considered how health and fitness impacts your ability to shop during the holiday season? Read More

Living with Anxiety Attacks and How to Adapt

Anxiety Attacks
06 Feb

Anxiety attacks are quite common for many people. I can be counted among them. However, they don’t need to take away from your daily life. Many of us are rendered unable to function when going through an episode.

And speaking from experience, I know how difficult it is to pull the stick back when you’re in a tailspin. I also believe there is nothing the human mind cannot overcome or adapt. Read More

9 Ways to Reduce Stress this Holiday Season

Reduce Stress
24 Nov

It’s Thanksgiving and everyone knows what that means. Black Friday is tomorrow. Over the next twenty days, you might be one of those people who are subjected to high degrees of frustration and anger. And all of it is for the sake of family. Cooking, cleaning and shopping are all on the minds of millions. What can you do to reduce stress levels throughout the day? Read More

7 Ways Exercising Helps When Things Go Awry

Disappointment and stress
17 May

Everyone has things in their life that cause a great deal of stress. For me, it’s everything in my life that is increasing my blood pressure. From career to children, it’s difficult to get a grip on the things of which you have little control over. It’s times like these when exercising can be of great benefit. Most people will associate physical fitness with losing weight. However, exercising helps as a form of therapy when life throws a bag of lemons at you. Read More

How to Control the Chaos Through Fitness

Control Chaos
09 May

A lot of us live quite the chaotic lifestyle. Whether it’s by choice or by circumstance, there may be things in your existence that can be incredibly stressful. I tend to manage a great deal of strain every day, but sometimes those walls I built come tumbling down and I lose control. The result is a lash out in anger and frustration to anyone nearby. However, practicing better health and fitness has helped me keep focus and reduce the amount of chaos I undergo in any given day. Read More

7 Practical Reasons to Meditate for Health

Meditate for Health
28 Apr

It’s fairly common knowledge that meditation can help you relax and clear your mind. This is the primary reason why I meditate. But have you ever thought of the health aspect of putting yourself in the lotus position? In reality, meditation can be just as important to your health as any exercise routine or diet plan. No, it’s not merely some religious practice – but it can be spiritual. When you meditate for health, you could directly affect more than just the mind. Read More