January Challenge: Nothing Fancy, Just Straight Weight Loss

Perhaps it’s fate that January 1st is a Monday. It’s a good place to start for rebuilding a body. And after the last few days of Christmas goodies, I desperately need it. For this January challenge, I am going a bit more elaborate than usual. You can follow along if you’d like, and feel free to modify any part of this plan.

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Burning with the Summer: 30 Day Weight Loss

I’ve decided to go all in for July. I turn 40 soon, and I would rather not be as round as I am. So, here it is. I am committing to a 30 day weight loss regimen in order to lose as much as possible, short of hurting myself. I’ve got three weeks before my birthday, and I would love to be smaller than I was when I first moved to this part of Colorado. You might be wondering how I am going to do this.

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