The Hardest Part About Fitness is Choice

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27 May

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Proper fitness isn’t the most difficult thing any one person could do. It’s quite simple to maintain the human body once you get to a certain point. No, the hardest part relating to living a healthy lifestyle is choice. Making the decisions to get more out of your day or eat the right foods can be extremely difficult – especially if you have an eating disorder. How do you make these choices easier in order to be successful at living a better way of life?

Making the Choice for Fitness

Being fit doesn’t necessarily mean your goals are to look like a model in a magazine. Some may simply want to lose a few pounds while others want to add muscle mass. Then there are those like myself who want a bit of both. But is it your decisions through the day that slow your progress? A lot of the time, this is exactly what slows people down. You need to commit to the idea of being fit.

Be Determined to Continue
One of the biggest reasons why so many people fail when dieting or exercising is because they lack conviction to continue. It can be hard to maintain focus, especially if you just got home from vacation and made a pig out of yourself – like I did. However, I am determined to continue and will dress up as a Marvel hero by Halloween. You need to find something that gives you drive to continue even when things look grim.

Find Alternatives
A lot of people have the hardest time making the choice for healthier foods as opposed to things like chocolate. Because of this, many manufacturers created alternatives to your favorite foods that are more healthy. You can even find recipe books that have alternative ways to cook that may be able to fool your pallet. For example, we made a healthy cheesecake once that was very impressive. The point is that you can make the choice to find alternatives to your favorite foods that may make your progress easier to manage.

Keep Focused Each Day
I am a big fan of taking each day one at a time. If you do poorly one day, don’t let it affect the next. Learn from the day and put that knowledge to work to help make a better choice for tomorrow. If you can meet all of your objectives each day, you can easily reshape your body. For the most part, it’s not even all that difficult to make certain choices for fitness.

Knowledge Will Affect Choice

The best way to make better choices is to educate yourself regarding any topic. In this case, it’s fitness. The more you learn about how your body works and what your personal limitations are, the more empowered you’ll be for making those tough decisions. For instance, you can enjoy dark chocolate in a healthy way by limiting yourself to proper portion sizes. In fact, dark chocolate is loaded with a great deal of vitamins and minerals beneficial for your development. You just need to make the choice not to eat the entire chocolate bar all at once.

Your Limitations
One of the most difficult things to learn may be your own limitations. You’ll need to closely monitor various aspects of your life in order to find what works best for you and how foods and exercises affect your lifestyle. However, understanding your personal physique can help you avoid mistakes and complications later on. The more you understand about yourself, the more likely you can look at a piece of cake and understand what it’s going to do to you. You may even discover foods that you’re allergic to that you never considered in the past as being bad for fitness.

When you come to that proverbial fork in the road and have to make a choice, fall back on what you have learned about yourself. Each decision you make will impact the rest of your life whether the change is minute or monumental. Make the choice to live a better life and commit to those decisions. When it comes down to it, you’re the only one that can directly affect your level of fitness.

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