The Healthiest Way to Successfully Lose Weight

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Looking for the healthiest way to lose weight and keep it off? The Internet is full of diets, exercise routines and weight loss products. But how many of them tout being completely healthy? In reality, it’s more up to you than suggestions from others or manufacturers trying to make a buck.

What Is the Healthiest Way to Lose Weight?

Everyone has a completely different physiology and unique needs. Because of this, finding the healthiest way to lose weight is more of a customization of eating and fitness.

Sure, some people will boast about being successful on the Paleo diet. However, many others will describe how it was an utter failure.

Why is this? Because personalization is more key to losing weight and being healthy than what a lot of people think.

Your Personal Objectives

GoalsAll animals require a balance of nutrition to supply energy and components to the body to survive. It’s these components that really make a difference according to your goals. While some people stay away from carbs to drop the pounds quickly, many weight trainers suggest more “good” carbs to supply energy to muscles.

What is it you want to accomplish? Is it purely weight loss, or do you want to define muscle mass as well? Questions like these help shape your next steps.

For me, I wanted to lose weight while strengthening my body. I also don’t like the idea of sticking to a strict diet routine. Overall, I’ve lost more than 60 pounds by simply reducing my intake and increasing my physical activity.

No pills, no surgeries.

For me, this is the healthiest way to lose weight both physically and mentally. This doesn’t mean you’ll be successful at it as well. Because everyone is different, you need to find what works for your goals.

Your Mentality Towards Losing Weight

FrustrationHow you view weight loss is going to be profound in whether or not you’re successful. If you dread a certain diet, you’re more likely to cheat on it. If you view exercises as a chore, you’re most likely not to do them.

You have to want to lose weight before you can actually try. Otherwise, you’ll easily become frustrated at failures and give up altogether. I’ve seen it happen many times, including within myself.

Finding the healthiest way to lose weight for yourself is going to take an immense commitment. In many ways, it’ll mean making profound changes in your life. You’ll undoubtedly have to make sacrifices, especially if you have habits that don’t play well with health.

One of the most important aspects of losing weight is staying motivated to do so. It’s easy to put off certain things till tomorrow that you can do today. This is especially true since no one can really hold you accountable for health other than yourself.

Know Your Limits

You need to understand your limits before looking for the healthiest way to shed some pounds. Someone who is in shape may boast about running a 5k to keep healthy. However, someone who weighs more than 290 and is completely out of shape isn’t going to have the same positive experience.

Be realistic with your goals and understand how your body reacts. One common question I see asked a lot is how someone can lose more than a pound per day. In reality, this isn’t possible without doing damage to yourself or without some kind of surgical assistance.

While it’s OK to push yourself to a point, you can do severe damage if you go too far. For me, I have a habit of going into hypoglycemic shock during intense workouts because I push too hard. I’ve learned to adapt to my routines, and so should you.

Physical limits aren’t the only thing you should worry about, either. There’s a reason why I don’t do focused and restrictive diets. I don’t like them and I personally fail to see the point in denying yourself. Instead, I work more on moderation and self-control.

The Healthiest Way for Me to Lose Weight Successfully

Weight Loss GoalsNo one can really tell you the best way to drop the fat. All they can do is offer suggestions and provide examples. What they view as a healthy way to live isn’t always best for everyone involved.

Health is not just the physical aspect of the body. It also includes mental stability. Depression, anxiety, frustration and even anger are often attributed to some diets and certain exercise routines.

So, how did I lose so much weight?

Monitor Portion Sizes

One of the biggest differences in my life is monitoring the amount of food I eat. Too much food is often the cause of obesity. What you think of as a portion may actually be three meals worth.

Be mindful of portion control and proper serving sizes. An entire bag of Little Debbie miniature donuts is not a portion.

I’m a calories counter. This means I monitor the number of calories I eat in any given day. For me, this was the healthiest way to start. For one thing, I didn’t feel pressured that I had to stay away from sweets. I just needed to eat far less of them.

If you need help, use tools like MyFitnessPal. It’s one of my favorite apps and I’ve used it every day for more than two years.

Increase Physical Activity

Add Steps To FitbitEating in moderation and staying under a calorie goal made a big difference. However, I still need to burn energy to lose weight. As a result, I increase my physical activity beyond being a desk jockey.

Not only will keeping your body moving burn off fat, but it strengthens muscles and creates definition. It also makes a lot of things in your life easier to handle, such as shopping or housework.

In reality, any physical activity is going to be beneficial. As long as it’s something that can get the heart rate up, you’ll burn fat.

One thing I’ve been trying to make work as of late is my Net 600 Calorie diet. The idea is I need more physical activity to “afford” eating more food. This is because MyFitnessPal deducts calorie burn registered from my Fitbit.

Find What Works For You

In a nutshell, the healthiest way to lose weight depends on your own needs. While there are certain foods and routines that are beneficial in general, you are the one who has to commit. Don’t assume what works for one person will absolutely work for you. Keep an open mind and realize being healthy isn’t going to be an instant fix.

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