The Real Cost for Quickly Losing Weight

Quickly Losing Weight
14 Feb

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I’ve seen a lot of products from a lot of advertisements over the years. Each will provide amazing statistics about how many calories can be burnt or what kind of foods you can buy through the mail. While many of them do have a basis in reality for quickly losing weight, it may be an unnecessary expense. You see, it’s actually fairly cheap to slim down and become healthier. In fact, a lot of people will actually save money in the long run.

Expenses for Quickly Losing Weight

So, there’s nothing wrong with merchandising. Every manufacturer does it. Some things are helpful while other items are nothing more than cool additions. But the reality is that you don’t need to fork over a lot of money to get healthy.

Spending Money on Food

Many people have the misconception that quickly losing weight requires buying expensive foods or spending more money on special diet plans. While these methods do have potential to work, the reality is many are unnecessary. It’s quite possible that you could actually cut your grocery budget while focusing on being healthy.

Reducing Intake
Ramen NoodlesWhen you cut your intake of food, there is less going into the body. Which means foods can be stretched further than before. For instance, I used to eat two packages of ramen noodles to fill me up at lunch. Now, I only have one. This cut my caloric intake in half while doubling how long a 24-pack box of these would last me.

Cut Spending on Snacks
When you’re watching what you eat, you’re spending less on junk foods. Instead of $3 on that box of cupcakes, you can spend $2 on a bag of baby carrots to last nearly as long. Now, this might not seem like a huge savings until you tally it up over the course of a year.

Proper Portions
Yes, some foods do cost more to eat when you’re trying to focus on health and quickly losing weight. However, this can be offset by following proper portion sizes. For instance, most meats can be cut down to three-ounce portion sizes. Proper portion sizes can save you a ton of money in food.

Here is an example of what I eat and how much it costs me per day:

  • $0.47 – Breakfast: 2 Kellog’s Blueberry Nutrigrain Bars.
  • $1.29 – Lunch: 2 servings of a can of Progresso Soup, any style will do.
  • $1.99 – Dinner: 1 serving Trader Joe’s Ravioli mixes.
  • $0.76 – Snacks: 2 servings Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter cups.

The grand total for the day is roughly $4.51. Of course this fluctuates day-to-day depending on what I’m in the mood for. But as a total, I eat less than $5 per day when I am quickly losing weight.

Exercise Equipment

Cheap Home Exercise EquipmentExercise equipment is one of the biggest expenses many people invest in when trying to lose weight quickly. It’s also another one that may not be necessary. To be honest, virtually anything in your home can be considered exercise equipment as long as it helps you elevate the heart rate.

I am on the fence when it comes to exercise machines. Sure, they are extremely helpful when used regularly. However, I’ve seen many people spend thousands of dollars on these units only to have them sit in the corner and collect dust after six months. Before swiping your credit card, as yourself how committed you are to health and fitness.

It’s All About Movement
One of the most effective forms of exercise I have done is that of using my Xbox Kinect. When I lived in Colorado, I would play tennis for 20 to 30 minutes and work up a hell of a sweat. It’s all about how much effort you put into physical activity of any kind. Even cleaning the house can be healthy as long as you are keeping active.

Equipment Doesn’t Guarantee Success
Exercise equipment doesn’t guarantee that you’ll experience instant health. Too many will assume that buying a Bowflex unit will contribute to quickly losing weight. The fact is no object will help you lose anything if you don’t use it. Sure it might help for the first few months. But is it something you can honestly see yourself using this time next year?

Gym Memberships

gymGym memberships are another one of those expenses that I am torn between. While I can see the benefits of paying for access to weights, machines and the atmosphere, they can be quite expensive. Especially if you move to another city and the closest gym you belong to is seven miles away and you have no car.

What Else Can You Spend it On?
Before you sign up for a three-year contract that you really can’t afford, take into consideration what else the money can be spent on. For me, the $45 that goes to Anytime Fitness may be better spent on new Xbox games. However, I do miss going to the gym even though it depresses me at times when I see people in far better shape than myself.

The Social Element
A lot of people will use the gym as a way to engage socially with others who have a similar interest. It’s like going out to clubs or a popular dog park with your pup. Getting healthy is part of the experience, but it’s the social interaction that draws many. Is this club worth the money you pay every month?

Dedication to Fitness
Gyms can be effective, as long as you have a continued dedication for fitness. Otherwise, they can be nothing more than a drain on your bank account. I suspect that’s why many of them have yearly contracts…to ensure there is income throughout the year instead of just in January when everyone is focusing on New Year’s Resolutions.

Buying Supplements

I’m not a big fan of supplements. Many of them will claim the ability to help with quickly losing weight. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the best of luck with any of them. However, there are a few things that I found to be quite effective.

Diet PillsObviously being able to give your body the components it needs to function is a priority. I know I feel much better when I am taking regular packets of multivitamins from Costco. Even if you switch to eating better, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting enough nutrition to optimize your health. And many of these are inexpensive.

Weight Loss Pills
Again, I am not convinced that all weight loss pills are effective. However, there are many on the market today that have basis in being scientifically beneficial. While I still have yet to see a pill “magically” shrink a gut, there are some that do promote higher energy levels. This is helpful when trying to be more active. But is it worth the investment if a cheap cup of coffee can do the same thing?

Drink Mixes
OK, so drink mixes are one of my favorite things to try. Out of the many different types I’ve gone through so far, Emerge Body Slenderizing Drink Mix is my favorite. I am energetic, I feel better emotionally and I do have a more heightened sense of focus as shown in my writing job. However, not all of these will work the same for everyone.

Medical Procedures

Lap-band SurgeriesWhen it comes to medical procedures for quickly losing weight, I guess I am a bit biased. I don’t believe that things like a lap-band should be considered if your problem isn’t life-threatening. However, this is strictly personal preference. There are several elements you need to consider before calling your insurance company to see if they’ll cover the expenses.

It Doesn’t Guarantee Health
Shrinking the size of your stomach may reduce how much you eat, but it doesn’t guarantee any nutritional improvement. You will still need to focus on eating better if you want to improve your lifestyle. You can cut out two-thirds of your stomach, but it doesn’t change the nutritional value of a cupcake.

Takes Away from Self-Accomplishment
I am all about self-accomplishment and self-gratification. When you accomplish a goal or put in the effort to change yourself for the better, it builds onto self-esteem and confidence. Simply walking out of the hospital with some device wrapped around your stomach is a sense of accomplishment for the doctor and the insurance company. You may never fully feel like you were the one who took control of your own life for the better.

Too Risky for Me To Try
I don’t like the idea of being cut open for any purpose. I’ve seen too many people die or suffer horribly even from the most routine of operations. Of course, part of this was because I lived in Sterling, Colorado. At any rate, I have no compulsion to let anyone add anything to my body.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I know there are plenty of people who are in need of serious medical intervention when it comes to weight gain. Unfortunately, too many people don’t have such medical conditions and simply want to cut their weight as quickly as possible.

Most Weight Loss Depends on Mentality

Too many people are drawn to instant gratification. They often believe that quickly losing weight can be accomplished by tossing money at it. Don’t have the expectation that spending on “special” food or exercise equipment will help you get skinny. For the most part, fitness requires a certain state of mind. You have to truly want to change.

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