Using the Exercise Website to Stay Motivated

Last Updated on April 27, 2016 by Michael Brockbank is one of my go-to websites for various workouts and exercises. It has a huge database with several thousand ways that can help you get into shape. One of the biggest reasons why I like using the exercise website is because of the point system. These points are accumulated through your activities and pitted against everyone else on the site. So, how do you use to stay motivated for fitness?

Ways to Use the Exercise Website to Keep Up Your Physique

There is more to than mere fitness. If you keep the right mindset, it can be a powerful tool for getting into shape. Here are several ways that you can use the site to reach your fitness goals.

Like I mentioned earlier, generating points can be quite a motivator. Most humans have a competitive nature, and the points you accumulate puts you in direct competition with everyone else on the site. Currently, I’m in the top 1000. However, my lack of activity is starting to show. I lost several positions in the past few weeks. I need to get on my feet more.

Personally, I’ve set a goal this week to achieve and average of 1,500 points per day before next Monday. Although I’ll make more points by using weights, I’ll still throw in Xbox play and walking or riding into the mix simply because I enjoy these activities. If you want to get the most out of, I’d suggest setting point goals for yourself and try to surpass them each week.

The site used to offer competitions between friends, such as who can generate the most points in a certain amount of time. I wish they would bring that aspect back, but they told me that there just wasn’t enough interest to include it in the new revamp of the site.

Record Keeping
I love knowing what my current records are for various activities. At any point, I can look up to see what my max press has been or my longest duration while holding a plank. The system will also give your position against everyone else on the site. Currently, I am at 848 – but I plan on changing that this week.

The only real downside to the records is that it is based purely on the honor system. Essentially, some jack hole can get on and say they planked for 10 hours straight even though they really didn’t. On the other hand, the records are nice if you simply want to keep track of your progress and find your own personal limitations.

Interacting With Others
There are a lot of nice people who use on a regular basis. Many of them are supportive and help keep you motivated. For example, I am friends with someone who is in his mid 50s who has an amazing routine. Not only is he inspiration for me to get into shape, but he also contributes by making comments on my activity. It’s a great social network of those looking to help others get fit.

Looking Up Specific Exercises
The most obvious benefit to the exercise website is the extensive database of activities. If there is a specific part of your body you wish to work on, it only takes a few moments to find workouts centered on those areas. If you want to work on the belly, simply click the radio button to show ab workouts. You could spend a great deal of time creating your own personalized workout focusing on areas you want to see developed.

Personal Trainer
When you’re a Pro member, you have access to professional trainers that can help you plan out the most perfect routines for yourself. I just don’t have enough money for the membership yet, but I plan on getting one in the near future. I doubt I will contact a trainer, but I would love to create my own custom workouts and such on the site. can be one of your most utilized online tools for fitness. Whether you’re just looking up a few ab workouts or feel the need to compete with everyone else on the exercise website, it can be an excellent experience. What kind of fitness records can you set this week?

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