Using YouTube: Deciding On an Identity for Myself

25 Oct

Last Updated on October 25, 2017 by Michael Brockbank

I announced last Friday I would be producing more YouTube videos. I wanted to start this week, but it seems I am falling short already. However, I have worked on getting things ready to start again. This week wasn’t a complete waste of time. The hardest part is deciding on an identity for myself and the channel.

Why an Identity Is Important to Me

I am someone who needs everything to have order. It’s a bit of an obsessive compulsive disorder that I have regarding certain elements. Unfortunately, this often leads to frustration and motivation problems.

It’s something I am working on.

My normal full-time job is writing content for a major web hosting company. As a result, I constantly write articles relating to best practices of web design and marketing. In this instance, I have learned how niche YouTube channels perform better overall than those that are all over the map in terms of content.

Focusing on a single niche like health and fitness focuses the target audience. While my channel probably won’t see the most stellar numbers you would see in games or politics, I would still like to help those who watch learn why health and fitness is important.

But I want to go beyond videos that simply show how to get six-pack abs. Fitness is more than simply looking good…it’s a life choice to extend how long you draw breath.

What I Want to Do with My YouTube Channel

So, I guess this blog post is more for me than anything. Writing down your ideas often seem to give them life and keep you focused. Plus, it helps keep facts locked in the mind, which is why a lot of teachers have children write down subjects they learn.


Let’s brainstorm a bit and try to figure out an identity for myself.

My Personality

I’m not going to try to be something I’m not. Unfortunately, I am somewhat of an acquired taste. I tend to be blunt and speak my mind without having a tact filter. That’s not going to change. Sure, that’s probably going to upset a few people. But I’m not targeting an audience that doesn’t like my content.

One thing I would like to change about myself is my energy levels, though. I just seem so tired on camera…like life is dragging me through a muddy gutter filled with empty bottles and cigarette butts. Although exercise has made a big impact on how “bouncy” I can be, I’m 41 and suffer from bouts of depression.

It gets difficult some days.

Maybe if I try to record the health YouTube videos first thing in the morning, I can get on track. The problem with that means I would postpone my full-time client a couple of hours. It might be a schedule worth toying with, though. I mean, it takes me almost four hours to create a five-minute video.

I mess up a lot and have trouble speaking sometimes.

Channel Focus

Crossing Colorado’s YouTube channel is going to be focused around health and fitness. But I don’t want it to look like one of those ad sites trying to sell stuff. I also don’t have the “jock” mindset to be pumped about muscles.

This is the real crux of the matter: content. I have a few ideas that sound awesome in my head, but they kind of fall short when I put them into practice. Usually this is because I don’t have the video equipment, time or money to do the things I really want to do with the channel.

I want to be unique, but I don’t want to force something. At the moment, the channel is more like an unpopular vlog. Which is OK, but I want it to go further. Time management may be one of the biggest tools when creating content…something I still need to work on.

Knowing the Audience

So, who is my target audience? I guess I am speaking to those who are overweight and want to change. I want to show those individuals they don’t need to invest in fad diet plans, expensive equipment or painful surgeries. Considering how one-third of the adults in the United States are overweight, that leaves quite an audience.

But how do I connect to them? The majority of overweight people I know simply do not care enough about their health to really connect with my content. Maybe it’s more about trying to entertain while delivering a message…kind of like television shows of the 80s and 90s.

Cue the GI Joe music, “and knowing is half the battle.”

I suppose I’ll see my demographics once the YouTube videos get some attention, but it would be nice to nail down who I am engaging.

Video Effects

Currently, I don’t have a lot of sophisticated software to make videos. I use XSplit Broadcaster to record and then Windows Movie Maker to edit. I would really like Adobe Premier, but I am too poor for that.

I’ve witnessed YouTubers start out from basic webcams to grow into international celebrities. I’ve watched Philip DeFranco go from a dorky 20-something using a webcam in the basement to having his own business complete with staff and nice camera equipment.

In reality, I am starting off with far more than a lot of people. Perhaps the best method is to use what I got and let time help acquire the other elements I might need in the future. Seriously, do I really need to turn a butter knife into a light saber with After Effects to cut butter? Yes…but it can wait.

Maintaining My Other Media Channels

YouTube is only be an extension of what I do. I still plan on blogging every day between Crossing Colorado and my other projects. After all, writing is my passion. I’m just hoping to expand my audience and perhaps grow my income over $10 per month through Adsense.

Besides, it’s all about creating an intricate network to get the most out of working in today’s world. Maybe that’s why I have such a hard time maintaining YouTube videos…I don’t take it as serious as I do the blog.

That’s something to mull over.

Just Rambling About YouTube

Well, this turned out to be more rambling than I thought it would. However, it does give me a lot to think about and how to shape my YouTube channel. If I can help just one person understand why health and fitness is important, that’s all that really matters. Plus, it will help me focus on my own personal goals.

So, this week and next, I’ll be setting things up to end the year strong on YouTube. I have lots of ideas for fitness as well as video content. The fun part is going to decide what is going to be good for my identity. As long as I remain true to myself, all should fall into place.

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