Vacation is Over, Time to Get Back to It!

Vacation is Over
04 Aug

Last Updated on May 21, 2023 by Michael Brockbank

Now with my mini-vacation out of the way, I have some serious work to do. I have just over two months to make some massive physical improvements if I want to stick with the calendar idea. And it’s extremely slow-going.

I did get quite a bit of physical activity this weekend. But, I also had a lot of alcohol and some carb-heavy foods. When I weighed myself this morning, I was slightly lower than when I left.

So, I can’t be too mad at that. After all, I had a double-scoop of Farr’s Ice Cream and some Pizza Hut!

Not to mention the fact that I didn’t drink enough water…at all. And semi-stressed because of travel arrangements and the lack of mobility since there are currently only two Uber and Lyft drivers in the entire state of Utah.

What’s the Plan for the Rest of the Week?

Usually, I like to start my tracking and workout progress on Mondays. But, I was trying to fly home, so I wasn’t able to dive right into some of the things I wanted to do when I got back.

I’m never flying standby ever again.

At any rate, I am focusing on a few things for the rest of the week.

Sticking with Green Calorie Count

I was able to hit my calories in the green in MyFitnessPal last week fairly easily. So, I’m going to see how many consecutive days I can keep it up. For 2021, my record is two days in a row.

As long as I can keep up with regular sleep, I’m confident it won’t be that difficult of a chore. I felt great last week, and feel pretty good this morning thanks to sleep.

I’m trying a new Sleepytime product that I’ll probably review in the next couple of days.

Getting More Dumbbell Work In

I was in DOMS throughout most of last week. Especially my abs, which was to be expected given the amount of work I put them through. Still, it lasted for four days and felt like someone was running a cheese grater over my abs.

But Friday morning, the soreness just disappeared altogether.

Essentially, I need to work back into some of the exercises I listed in my weekly workout plan. I reduced the reps a bit and will monitor my progress. It shouldn’t be long before I can increase the reps back to where they were.

Feeling the burn is one thing, but being unable to breathe because your core feels like it’s on fire is just too much.

A Few Calorie-burn Experiments

I got a few ideas for calorie-burn experiments that I’ll be writing about soon. I want to collect some data, but it’s all about what you can do at home to burn a certain amount of calories per minute.

The premise behind my diet plan is centered around physical activity. And when I’m active, I’m doing more than just burning calories. I’m keeping myself from snacking by being busy.

Add including the fact that I’m aiming to be in bed between 9:30 and 10:00 pm, I should cut out quite a few calories every day.

Trying Keto Next Week for Two Weeks

As part of my experimenting, Sam has talked me into trying Keto. I think part of it is because she knows that I’ll keep track of things relatively closely and it will help inspire her to stick with it as well.

I’m not a big fan of fad diet plans. However, that’s what all of this is about, right? Trying new things and seeing what the results could be.

Why Am I Trying Keto?

Sam lost an incredible amount of weight the first time she ran through Keto. And from what I’ve seen, there are actually quite a few recipes that have some great keto alternatives.

From my standpoint, though, there are a few legitimate reasons why I want to give a mainstream diet a try.

Losing All I Can as Quickly as Possible

If Keto works as well as some people claim, then I can get a boost in my goals. Since I want to look great by the time I do the photoshoot, any advantage to reduce the timeframe is very beneficial.

Currently, if I stick to my Net 600 diet, I can lose about half a pound per day. So, I would love to compare how I do on Keto versus what I do now.

As long as I can stick to the damn diet, that is.

Blog Post Content

I’m looking forward to collecting data while doing Keto. It’ll give me a chance to write up a few blog posts about its effectiveness. I highly doubt that Keto is going to be something I’ll really enjoy over the long term. For one thing, it’s too restrictive for my tastes.

But, I would love to see how well it stacks up and how my body reacts.

This means I’m not going into this diet experiment with a negative frame of mind. I’m really looking forward to the data, which gets me quite excited for the experiment to start.

Video Updates During the Process

I know I keep threatening videos, and threatening threats of videos. But, I’m going to try hard to remember to at least do a short as often as I can during this Keto experiment.

They don’t take long to upload, and they’re not going to be too overly exciting. Just a running log of my experiences and how I’m doing on the diet.

This will be in addition to the videos I want to start making on Sundays again.

Time is Ticking

I have just over two months to get as close to my goal as possible. Sam seems to think that I’ll be able to shed a lot of weight throughout the Keto experiment. We’ll have to see, though.

I’m going to do a bit of research to make sure that it’s not going to send me to the emergency room if I work out. I already have an issue with low blood sugar, and I really don’t want to pass out in the middle of my living room.

No matter what, though, it’s exciting to try something new to collect some data I’ve never had before.

I’m such a freakin’ dork.

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