How Did I Do for Week 1 in This Recent Fitness Challenge?

Lost 3 Pounds
17 Aug

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I had a lot of hopes and aspirations for this first week of the new fitness challenge. And although I didn’t do terribly, I could have done a lot better. However, I’m not letting the lackluster performance of the past few days slow me down.

I’m in it to win it, damnit.

I know where and how I kind of fell apart on Friday and Saturday. So, with that knowledge, I should be able to do much better in week two. Regardless, I’m feeling pretty good and ready to do some amazing things for myself.

Week 1 of My 12-Week Fitness Challenge: Lost 3 Pounds

How Did Week One Go?

So, keeping myself in the right headspace for the term, “challenge,” has been very beneficial. It’s a challenge to push myself beyond my norm. And keeping this in mind has made me hungry for success.

I’m feeling the same way I do when I jump into a writing challenge. Actually, that’s kind of the point of this one.

In the past, I just didn’t seem to have the right mindset and didn’t really view these as fitness “challenges.” After all, the whole point is to push yourself, and I haven’t really been the most stellar in this regard.

How did the last seven days go for me?

Steps Could Have Been Better

I was doing pretty good at the beginning of the week. I was hitting enough steps to burn enough calories through various exercises, walks, and other activities. But I kind of pittered out there at the end.

Mostly because it has been incredibly hot since Friday. Still, I did get in the pool and did a bit of a leisurely swim a couple of times.

Regardless, at least I improved on my weekly average over the past couple of years. So, I am going to chalk that up to a win. I just need to find a few more indoor activities when it’s hot as hell outside.

Did Great on Food Until Friday Night

My caloric intake was spot on throughout most of the week. Well, that is until Friday, when I threw caution to the wind and kind of indulged a bit more than I wanted.

Although I still lost three pounds, I could have lost more if I would have tried harder on Friday and Saturday.

I am back to being good today, so, I have no doubts that I’ll drop quite a bit before Tuesday’s live show on YouTube. I just don’t know if I’ll hit the 232 mark. It’ll be close, though.

Only Two Days at the Gym

I only had two days at the gym. Monday, I was a hurtin’ unit, so I just walked around the backyard instead of lifting weights. I still managed to drop half of a pound, despite not heading to the gym, though.

However, I am working my way back up to where I was when I stopped going a couple of weeks ago (thank you, covid).

I’m going to turn up all of the weight tomorrow and see what I can do. In any case, I plan on walking away looking like a sweaty mess as I did on Friday. I even went so far as to upload a pic of me after the workout on Instagram.

I was freakin’ soaked.

What’s the Plan for Week Two?

OK, so far, I’m not doing too bad aside from a couple of days toward the end. It’s nothing to panic over, especially since I’ve already lost three pounds.

I just need a bit more effort to hit some goals. This next week, I’ll keep an eye on:

Keeping Calorie Burn in the Green in Fitbit

Hitting the goal of burning 3,500 calories each day requires just a bit of extra movement. There were even a couple of days when I walked around late at night just to make sure I burned enough.

I need to keep that same mentality and momentum.

Xbox Kinect Play

Now that I have my living room back, it’s time to do some Xbox Kinect play. It’s a great way to rack up some steps while putting myself in a cardio state, especially with the way I play.

Time to strap on the weights and get some gaming in. Perhaps I’ll set up some case studies for playing the Kinect for Colorado Plays. Sure, it’s a dead technology. But it still works to shed the fat and work up a sweat.

Zaaz Experiments Coming!

I have a Zaaz standing in my living room that doesn’t get a lot of action. A Zaaz is a standing vibration board that is supposed to have a lot of benefits. The only use it really gets right now is when my orange cat sits on it and someone turns it on.

Oddly enough, he seems to like the motion of the board. He’ll sit there for quite a while.

In any case, I would like to see just how much of an impact a Zaaz can make. Vibration boards have a lot of claims that I would like to put to the test.

Starting the Stealth Board Case Study…Finally!

The hardest part about using the Stealth Board is remembering to use it. I’m trying to get in the habit of playing with the plank board just before lunch, but I often forget.

Normally, it’s because my days are pretty full. Still, I’d love to get some time “planking” on it and see if it’s something I would recommend.

More Bike Riding

I really need to start setting aside some time to get more riding in. I’ve gone for a few rides so far this month, but nothing that will help me break some records in Runkeeper.

Speaking of which, I do plan on rewriting the Runkeeper review in the next few days. It’s a bit…dated.

One Down, 11 to Go

With the first week out of the way, I feel confident I can keep up the momentum. While I didn’t lose quite as much as I wanted, I’m still ahead of what Will Smith did with his 20 weeks challenge.

I’d call that a win.

Let’s dial it up a bit and see what I can do for the next week.

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