Week 1 of 12 for SoE: Down 3.2 Pounds – Kind Of

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17 Jun

Last Updated on June 17, 2024 by Michael Brockbank

Before Father’s Day weekend, I was on track to lose 9.2 pounds overall. However, I decided to enjoy my day and indulged in quite a bit of goodness. So, the scale says I only lost 3.2 pounds this week.

I can tell you right now that I am sure I’ll lose quite a bit on the scale tomorrow morning. Let’s just say that the donuts, Fireball, and Taco Bell are flying right through me.

The bottom line is that I can’t say that I only lost 3.2 pounds given the amount of crap I ate on Sunday. And until all that good stuff is digested, the scale is going to be somewhat skewed. Since I don’t have a holiday planned until July 4th, I should make a huge dent in my weight loss goals by then.

Yet, like clockwork, the universe has decided to dial up the chaos to 11 to start the week. And it’s not looking good at the moment.

How I Lost 3.2 Pounds This Week

Throughout the week, with the exception of Father’s Day, I kept in the green for my Net 600 diet plan. That means I pushed to burn twice as much as I consumed. Things kind of started to slow down slightly by the end of the week, but all was looking pretty good overall.

I wasn’t able to hit my goal of 12,500 steps per day, but at least I made sure I kept the calorie goal in check. This included walking for nearly an hour on Thursday night before going to bed.

I can’t really say that I’m disappointed that I didn’t lose more. Remember, I had quite a bit of randomness on Father’s Day. Until it digests through my system over the next day or two, I won’t really know my actual weight. Regardless, losing three pounds in a week is a bit higher than healthy weight loss standards.

Why the Stress Level Is Exceptionally High

Alright, let’s unload some of the bad news and why week two is going to be exceptionally difficult to maintain a good flow. I’m trying to keep things together, but the pressure is building. If I can’t get things to fit together, I’m going to go all Pompeii in my office.

Grandpa is in ICU

First of all, as we were winding down for Father’s Day, we had to call an ambulance for Grandpa. He was unresponsive, refusing to wear his oxygen, and looked incredibly badly.

Currently, he is in the step below the ICU unit on oxygen with pneumonia.

Throughout the ordeal, I really didn’t get to sleep until around 4 am. As such, I woke up extremely late and wasn’t able to get my day started as I had hoped…obviously. That means I didn’t get to do much in terms of working on projects or live-streaming the writing sprints.

It’s about 5 pm and I still haven’t jumped in the shower yet. But that’s mostly because I spent time trying to fix the fact that the…

Websites Were Squicked by the Web Host

At some point last night, ALL of my blogs were squashed by the web host because of excessive traffic and resource usage. In other words, a shit-ton of bots hit one of my websites all at once. It wasn’t a DDOS attack, just the fact that every search engine hit me at the same time. Well, this triggered the security of the web host and locked everything down considering that all of my sites use a shared account.

So, I’ve spent the better part of today dealing with that cluster fuck, which still hasn’t been fully fixed. However, they did release the lockout on the accounts.

The entire episode doesn’t bode well for trying to fix my search issues in Google. The algorithm tends to frown on websites that have been disabled and have no content to crawl.

And because I spent so much time trying to fix this mess while dealing with Grandpa simultaneously, I found that…

I’m Falling Even Further Behind

Between my clients, the blogs, and now the YouTube videos, my level of productivity is kind of in the crapper. This is in addition to the issues I had last week, which also put a kibosh on getting things done on Friday.

So, technically, I’ve burned two days with very little to show for it. And that right there amplifies everything that is going on.

Can I Keep a Handle On Things This Week?

Here is where I would list my goals for the week, and possibly some side-quest challenges to keep the Summer of Effort going. But right now, I think I’m mostly focused on trying to keep a handle on everything.

Grandpa getting sick is just the tip of an exceptionally large iceberg that comes with it. And then having to deal with a support member who is just as helpful as an ejection seat in a helicopter isn’t making matters much better.

I can honestly say that things have taken quite a drastic turn. However, I do have a habit of making some magic happen. Hopefully, there’s a little bit left in that old silk hat I found.

Let’s Hope for Things to Make a Turn for the Better

Despite the issues, I’m going to do my best to keep a positive mindset. Things are a bit grim, but it doesn’t mean they’ll stay that way. Remember, it’s all about persevering.

There’s no sense in wallowing in the crap the universe dumps on you. You can either sink or swim, and I prefer to do the latter. I just wish the edge of solid ground was a bit closer.

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