Week 2 of 12 SoE: Family Chaos Strikes Again

Week 2 and Lost a Pound
24 Jun

Last Updated on June 24, 2024 by Michael Brockbank

Due to an emergency on Father’s Day, the entire week was thrown into chaos. The good news is that Grandpa is doing much better and is moving about on his own again. So, it’s worth the stress.

The downside is that I still have a lot to do. In fact, I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get back to making regular videos or writing my book. It’s been a VERY long week and I’m physically and emotionally exhausted.

Moving My Office Space

One of the most disappointing things about this entire move is having to give up my office yet again. It seems that I only enjoy it for about six months before someone needs the space. This time, it’s my 25-year-old son.

Technically, I’m moving downstairs because Grandpa’s room is right next to the office and his television is so loud that you can faintly hear it on the ISS.

There are a few benefits to moving downstairs, though. For one thing, it’s a much larger room. I’m essentially taking over the downstairs living room for my office space. Eventually, I’d like to set it up for more videos for Crossing Colorado and possibly Colorado Plays. But that won’t be for quite some time.

There is still a lot of stuff I need to move out into storage for that.

Anyway, it’s quieter and cooler down there, so I should be able to thrive. I was just worried it would kickstart the issues I had in 2016. I wouldn’t call it a PTSD per se, but it had a few hints of the same feelings.

I’m sure it’ll be fine, though. It’s not exactly the same situation, and I’m not feeling like a prisoner in my own house. Technically, I can stay where I’m at, but I wouldn’t be able to make a video without Grandpa’s TV overlapping the audio.

Still, I Lost a Pound Since Last Monday

You’d think with all of the moving, lifting, and unknown flights of stairs I’ve climbed this week that I would have lost more weight. But keep in mind that most of the week was fueled by carbs and sugars. Not to mention that I could have also been converting fat to muscle at a semi-even rate.

I’ve seen this happen before when I would lose a couple of pant sizes despite the scale only saying I lost a pound or two. That’s why it’s important to use other methods in addition to the scale for gauging weight loss.

Tape measurements and before/after photos work exceptionally well, especially when the scale doesn’t move much. Another method I use for gauging fitness is keeping track of how much I can do from one week to the next.

I didn’t go to the gym this past week as I didn’t want to burn myself out lifting weights only to have to lift even more when I got back. By the time I’m done, nearly the entire house will have moved in some fashion.

On the upside, it’s been one hell of a workout, especially carrying all of Grandpa’s stuff out of the basement and going up the stairs. I mean, currently, my ass feels like you can bounce a bowling ball off it. And my back is one solid slab of meat (in desperate need of a decent massage).

Didn’t Bother Tracking Intake

Instead of marking the entire week in the red because I didn’t record data, I’ve marked it as a special event. And given the nature of what had happened, I was half tempted to restart the challenge.

I decided against restarting, and we’re going to chalk it up to “Family Emergency.”

Even though I didn’t track much this week, I didn’t overindulge. In fact, I barely had time to have a few drinks with my boys on Friday night. It was mostly because I just needed a quick bite before getting back to the grind.

I’m a bit disappointed that the challenge fell through after week one. However, it’s understandable. Grandpa is alive and is in a much better room of the house now, and that’s what matters.

What’s the Plan for Week Three?

To be honest, I’m not sure what the plan is for this week. I’m still in the process of moving the house around, so I don’t know when I’ll be able to get back to the gym. And based on how busy I’ve been trying to get everyone situated, I haven’t had a chance for much of anything else.

Tracking the Food

This week, I’m going to put in the effort to track my food intake. Things aren’t nearly as hectic now and we mostly just need to clean up the house. There are boxes, crates, and bits of furniture everywhere.

I’m not in as much of a hurry to get everything situated.

Before, we only had a couple of days to get Grandpa moved to the upstairs. And if you would have seen the hoarded mess of his room, you would have understood why it took so long. Anyway, now that he’s moved, I can relax a bit.

Not Stressing the Workouts

I’m not going to worry too much about an exercise routine until the house is cleaned up. Technically, I’m getting quite a bit of a workout as it is and don’t need to push myself that hard.

I know one thing that is for sure; going to the gym before this happened made everything so much easier to handle. I mentioned that in a previous post, and it’s true. The practical benefits of being fit are awesome.

As much fun as I’m having today, I’m looking forward to going back to the gym.

Taking Moments to Breath

I really didn’t get much of a chance to relax this past week. Aside from a couple of nights of enjoying some Fireball, I’ve been on edge since Sunday night. This week, I would like to find a few more moments of Zen somewhere.

It’ll be easier to do considering how much is complete. Aside from my office desk, which is heavy and awkward, it all comes down to the cleaning phase.

No matter what, though, I need to find a few moments for myself here and there.

Working to Get Back to Effort

This week is going to be a bit hectic, but not as bad as week two. I’m still pushing to make this the Summer of Effort, as long as people quit visiting the damn emergency room. The next major family event in Utah is set for July 30th, and I would love to be at my best by then.

I know – that only gives me a little over five weeks. But as long as I can keep up the pace from week one, I should be pretty close to my goal weight.

This week will mostly center around my diet plan, at least until the house is back to a semblance of normal. So, let’s put in the effort to keep the calories in check. It’s not like I’m not getting enough physical activity.

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