Week 5 of 12: Trouble Gaining a Foothold

Week 5 of 12
15 Apr

Last Updated on April 15, 2024 by Michael Brockbank

Every Monday, I get a sense of invincibility and that I can take on the world. Yet, the universe says, “Hold my beer,” and tosses everything at me at once. Still, I’ll keep trying to gain a foothold no matter how many orcs are in my way!

I suppose I can’t be too upset with myself. After all, I did lose almost half a pound – which is better than going in the other direction. Nonetheless, I know I am better than this – I just can’t seem to keep it going for longer than a few days.

How I Lost 0.4 Pounds This Week

Last week was largely a block of red on my fitness spreadsheet. Not because I binged but because I just couldn’t get anything going. I suppose a large part of it was having some news given to me that has dialed up my stress level to the highest it has been for a couple of years.

I won’t go too much into detail, but let’s just say that my time as a content creator is nearing an end. If I can’t get things going in the right direction (monetarily), then I’ll have to dump a lot of what I do and look for more clients.

I love the various projects I’m involved in, but they’re just not paying enough. And with the loss of an income in the house, it’s going to fall on me to pick up the slack.

So, you see, I’m kind of up shit creek using a wooden spoon for a paddle.

I don’t have a deadline for when things go sideways, but I can see the dust storm over the horizon. It’s an angry horde of orcs and I’m standing on the battlefield alone holding a pitchfork. However, I don’t plan to give up just yet.

Instead, I’m going to use that pitchfork and go all John Wick on the horde. Yeah, I know, mixing genres and stuff. Still, can you imagine what that would look like?

To top it all off, I didn’t go to the gym at all last week. I kept trying to have protein days and I don’t do well going to the gym without actually eating. I’m prone to hypoglycemia and have been known to push myself to the point of passing out at the gym. I would hate for the staff at Planet Fitness to have to call for an ambulance.

Well, this week, I’m not going to worry about protein days and just see if I can manage my intake better.

The Goals for Week 6

Again, I’m going to try to keep it simple and try to keep my head on straight. The moment I start wallowing in self-pity is the moment I lose the battle. So, it all comes down to planning a strategy to get back on track before the storm of badness hits me.

Keeping the Calories Green

First off, I truly want to see the entire week green for once. The best part about this week is that I have some Trader Joe’s that I can meal prep. I’m pretty excited about that as I am a HUGE fan of prepping Kung Pao, Orange Chicken, and Teriyaki Chicken meals.

I find that I am less likely to get sidetracked with things like Taco Bell if I have a better meal waiting for me in the freezer.

When all is said and done, I’d much rather have Kung Pao Chicken than anything from Taco Bell anyway. Not only is it cheaper and has fewer calories, but I truly love everything I get from Trader Joe’s. Hopefully, soon, I’ll have a video up on the channel showing how I meal prep for $2 per meal.

Fewer Carbs

A big part of why I didn’t lose much weight recently is because of the sheer amount of carbs I’ve been eating. I just haven’t been active enough to burn them. So, with only seven weeks left in this challenge, I’m going to focus on trying to keep the carbs below 150 grams per day.

That’s still a bit high, but I plan on setting up some Oculus play using the weighted gloves this week. That, alone, is going to burn a ton of energy if I can keep up the plan.

To be fair to myself, this is going to be an average of 150 grams per day. So, if I have something like an almond Danish from Costco, which are freakin’ amazing, then I can cut back the next day to keep the average.

Besides, I would love for my body to start using fat for energy instead of carbs. But we’ll have to see how everything unfolds this week.

Hitting More than 10k Steps

Lastly, let’s aim for hitting 10,000 steps per day on average. If I stick with the gaming plan for ColoradoPlays.com’s case study, I should be hitting closer to 12,500 per day, anyway. However, I am also realistic and know myself all too well.

I’m going to keep it low for the time being just to see if I can get my groove back. And with the sun out and a garden to plant, I’m relatively certain the 10k steps are in the bag. I haven’t gone to the gym yet and I’m already at 3,000 thanks to playing the Oculus this morning.

Keep in mind that these steps are generated from a variety of physical activities. The Oculus, Xbox Kinect, gardening, cleaning the kitchen, they’re all activities that can keep the body moving while racking up the steps and heart rate.

Calling the Riders of Rohan!

To finish out my dorkness this morning, I’m calling the Riders of Rohan to help thin the masses that are heading my way. I’m not really sure where I was going to go with that, but it’s a nice sentiment.

Perhaps all this stress is making me go nuts.

In any case, I need to start working on getting things going in a better direction. I’d hate to have to give up most of what I do, but I hate the idea of losing the house even more.

Never give up, never surrender!

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