Week 9 of 12: Still Not Getting a Good Flow Going

Week 9
13 May

Last Updated on May 13, 2024 by Michael Brockbank

As you might have guessed, I’m still not getting my poop in a group. I could say that it’s because of the sheer amount of stress I’m under. Or, I could say that it’s because I’m hitting 48 this year. But, the truth is that I’m still having a hard time getting into gear overall.

My mind is, indeed, all over the map. Between my writing career, the YouTube channel, and trying to find some inner peace, it’s been a rough few months. And although I really want to restart this challenge, I’m fighting the urge to do so.

Part of me still thinks I can do some good over the last three weeks. That is as long as I can figure out why I can’t really get the ball rollin’. Again, I’m fifty shades of motivated on a Monday morning but can’t seem to keep it up for longer than three days.

Huh…that didn’t sound the way it did in my head. Eh…I’ll leave it.

Perhaps it’s because by Monday, I’d already slept in on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I’m a bit more refreshed for the week, but pitter out because my sleeping habits suck Monday through Thursday.

Still Not Getting Enough Sleep

It’s a mixture between being stressed and not having all that comfy of a bed. Every morning, I wake up feeling like Mike Tyson pummeled me while we were tossing around in a dryer.

Then, I wind up going to the gym with little sleep, where I wind up beating myself up even more. Of course, it’s not good to push yourself with exercise when you’re fighting extreme fatigue every day.

I’m still relatively certain that a lot of my issues come from sleeping fewer than five or six hours per night. Although the things that cause me stress are still apparent, having a clearer mind in the morning would make a vast improvement in how I process those elements throughout the day.

The frustrating part is that I know what needs to be done and know what I’m capable of handling. It just feels like there is something else at play that I haven’t been able to determine. I can’t label it all as just “getting old.” Seriously, I see a lot of guys my age who are doing exceptionally well. I just need to figure out my issue and move past it.

Ah…to sleep again. I remember it fondly.

Goals for Week 10

Ok…we’re going to keep trying this until I can go a full week in the green according to my Net 600 Calorie Diet. But, unless I can figure out my sleeping problems and find a way to deflate, I doubt I’ll be able to stay on task for longer than a few days. So, let’s try something a bit different and revive a few goals to help solve that issue.

Adhere to My 8:45 PM Alarm!

I have an alarm set for 8:45 pm, which is supposed to remind me to brew some Sleepytime and relax with a book for 45 minutes. Unfortunately, I keep swiping to turn off the alarm and keep doing whatever I’m doing.

I need to find a way to force myself to unwind, even if that means missing out. The problem is that I have a lot of the same tenancies as a toddler. I stay awake because I might miss something.

The stupid thing is that there is literally nothing that I can’t experience the next day. For instance, I stayed up way too long watching a show last night because I am “behind.” Well, that show is still on HBO Max and isn’t going anywhere.

I need to get it into my head that as soon as “Brand New Day” starts on my phone, it’s time to shut it all down. That’s easier said than done, but it’s a terrible habit that has potential to have a massive impact on my day-to-day activity.

Maybe I’ll start adding sleeping time to the spreadsheet and strive to beat my record of shut-eye every week.

Get Out of the House at Least Once

Aside from going shopping and hitting the gym three times per week, I don’t really leave the house all that much. I’m still cooped up and am starting to feel the way I did back in 2016.

As I’ve said before, though, I really don’t know what to do with myself. All of the things I’m really interested in trying are a bit north of expensive. And I live quite far from some of the other things I would love to get back into doing.

In any event, I’m going to see about getting out of the house more often. Even if it’s just to have a cup of coffee and do some people-watching, at least it’s out of the house. Besides, I find the public quite inspirational when it comes to character and story development of my books.

Go For at Least One Walk Around the Lake

Now that the weather is nicer, I would love to start regularly walking around the lake. I haven’t done that in quite some time and do enjoy the scenery. Of course, I want to do this in addition to going out more often.

Since it’s only a five-minute walk from the house, it’s not like the lake is on the other side of Denver. It’s right freakin’ there. I just need to get off my ass and go for a walk.

Perhaps I’ll see about making the lake a Tuesday or Thursday morning thing before starting my day. I would like to get back into playing the Xbox Kinect, but my window for doing so coincides with when I want to go for a walk.

Or, perhaps I can do it in the evening before or after dinner on Wednesdays.

Get Rid of the Damn Memory Foam!

I agreed to take the memory foam topper from my friend because it was supposed to be more comfortable. Well, it’s not. I’m tired of trying to make it work and need to get rid of it. So, at some point this week, I’m tossing it out.

Yeah, as I’ve said before, the memory foam topper remembered to be a brick. When I try to jump into bed, I damn near bruise myself.

I need to start setting aside a few bucks to my a new bed. But I recently spent over a thousand dollars trying to fix my plumbing. Simply put, I have too many bills and chaotic events to really save enough money for the bed I want. At least not until a few things I have going on start panning out.

Actually, at the rate the WriterSanctuary YouTube channel is growing, I might be able to start setting aside an extra $100 or so each month to buy the bed I want…in three years.

Eh, it’s better than nothing at all, I suppose.

Let’s See if I Can Keep it Up

OK…same old argument, different week. Let’s see if I can stick to the plan and actually get a decent amount of sleep this time around. I’ll make an addition to the challenge spreadsheet and see if I can at least surpass last week’s average number of hours.

I just need to convince myself that it’s an important goal and beneficial to my other challenges in general.

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