Had a Lot of Fun During the Weight Loss Journey Podcast!

Weight Loss Journey Podcast
05 Aug

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Tuesday was the official first episode of our weight loss journey podcast, and we had an awesome time. Although we didn’t get a lot of viewers on YouTube, as we record the podcast live, the three of us had a great time discussing who we are and our individual goals.

And had a bit much to drink. But, that’s kind of the norm when the three of us are live streaming anything.

I’ve drunk more in the past six months than I have in the past six years.

Why Put Our Weight Loss Journey Out There?

The three of us, Sam, Chris, and I, are all at different stages of losing weight. I am the closest to my goal, but I still have a bit of an issue with motivation and follow-through.

The podcast is a way to get us together, hang out, and talk about how we can keep the ball rolling for success. And, I think we are relatively funny as a group.

I can’t speak for Chris and Sam, but from my perspective, the podcast has a lot of benefits.

Keeping Motivated for Health and Fitness

Motivation is difficult for all of us to maintain. I know from my perspective, I especially have issues later in the day. I’ll start off the morning and afternoon strong, but then fall apart shortly after dinner.

The podcast is a way to keep me motivated and focused on what I’m trying to do. Combine it with more frequent YouTube uploads, and it makes for a strong method to keep me on task.

Especially since I plan on posing for a calendar in just over two months! The last couple of weeks haven’t been all that stellar for progress, and time is ticking.

Motivating Each Other to Do Better

We’re using the group mentality of boosting each other and building self-confidence. We all have a fairly strong connection to one another, which means we can influence each other for the better.

It’s kind of like using the “buddy system,” and why I suggest finding a social group on sites like Facebook or even Twitter. Yes, social media can be a nightmare. But, it’s also full of awesome people…if you know where to look.

At any rate, one of the primary purposes of this podcast is to help each other along the way.

Adding a Layer of Accountability

Whether you’re into health and fitness or working from home, that sense of accountability is usually not all that present. There’s no boss looking over your shoulder or checking the time clock.

When it comes to your health, you’re only accountable to yourself. This is often why I suggest being more social, even if you’re a freelance graphic designer.

Putting yourself out there in the social sphere purposely puts eyes on you. From fans cheering on your successes to not wanting to look like a failure in public, social media can have a profound effect on your success.

Does that mean I’m trying to become an “influencer?” I suppose it does. I simply want to influence people to make informed and smarter decisions.

I doubt we’ll be able to compete with Tik Tok stars because we’re older and don’t act like brain-damaged monkeys. But perhaps we can talk some sense into someone before they chew on that Tide Pod or dry scoop pre-workout powder.

Perhaps Helping a Viewer or Listener in their Weight Loss Journey

One of the things I’m exceptionally proud of with WriterSanctuary is how many people I’ve actually helped. From WordPress assistance to learning more about freelance writing, I’ve touched a lot of people.

And I was only making that YouTube channel to embed videos into blog posts. I had no idea it would grow on its own like that.

By listening to our successes and failures, someone may glean some viable information that could help them on their own weight loss journey. Or, maybe they watch or listen simply because they find us entertaining.

In any case, you never really know who you’ll affect in a positive way.

Maybe Getting to a Point to Earn a Buck or Two

Obviously, I’d love for any of my brands to bring in enough money to do some more fun stuff. For one thing, I’d love to have the bankroll to buy exercise equipment for writing reviews.

And, I’d love to pay everyone who is doing the podcast. Because we’re all essentially doing this for free at the moment.

There’s nothing wrong with getting paid for your time, especially if it brings insight or joy to the audience. Because of our presence, though, I doubt we’ll see many sponsorship deals anytime in the near future.

We’re definitely an adult-only channel.

Still, you never know. We could wind up signing a contract with some health food provider or supplement manufacturer. Though, I am exceptionally anal when it comes to accepting deals.

I’ve turned down many for WriterSanctuary simply because I didn’t like the product or that it didn’t make sense for my audience.

Why Do a Live Weight Loss Journey Podcast?

We could record the podcast and simply upload it to YouTube and then Anchor to distribute. But, it would lose some of the charm we’ve grown to enjoy with the other shows.

Everyone in the group loves interacting with viewers. After all, that’s what social media is all about, really…being social. And being able to answer questions in real-time gets the audience more involved in the show.

It’ll be interesting to see how well the channel grows over time thanks to the weight loss journey podcast and the videos I have planned out this week. But for the most part, we just love doing the live shows.

If you want to join us, we’re live every Tuesday at 7:00 pm Mountain Time (Denver).

Check Out Crossing Colorado’s YouTube Channel!

The only real drawback is how live streams often have glitches. So, we’re not able to accommodate for certain things that happen in the middle of a podcast. Things like losing connection to YouTube, wireless connectivity problems, lag, kids walking behind cameral, and a myriad of other elements.

Yet, we think it’s worth the effort simply because we want the audience to be part of the podcast.

Can’t Wait Until Next Tuesday!

Do you know that I do a live show five times per week for three different brands? It’s pretty easy to manage when you don’t have a social life outside of YouTube. Anyway, I love doing every one of them and can’t wait till next Tuesday.

Especially since it’ll be day three of my Keto challenge. I’d love to go over how well I’m adapting to the new diet and how I feel.

I feel that this new show is going to impact my weight loss journey for the better, and I’m truly excited for what is to come.

If you’re interested or curious, feel free to check on Crossing Colorado’s YouTube channel. I try to get the podcast scheduled a few days in advance if I have time.

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