Why Everyone Should Have a Superhero Complex for Healthy Living

Why Everyone Should Have a Superhero Complex for Healthy Living
26 May

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One of my personal goals is to dress up as a superhero for Halloween while looking like I jumped right out of the movie. My current focus is Captain America. Although I doubt I’ll be as ripped as Chris Evans, it’s still something I would like to do. However, looks are not the only reason why you should have a superhero complex.

Practical Reasons to Have a Superhero Complex

So, having muscles and driving people to touch them is a goal many have. While there is a certain allure to being attractive, it shouldn’t be the only reason you want to develop a stronger and healthier body. Most people want to be sexy for their significant others, but there is more to fitness than just being touchable.

Some will associate a superhero complex with the need to help or rescue others. Even if that’s the driving thought, riding a couch like an overweight Ghostrider is no way to go about it…although that would be an awesome meme.

Mundane Activities are Easier

One of my favorite examples to throw out for fitness is the fact that mundane activities are so much easier. For instance, tossing a 50-pound bag of dog food around at the grocery store without grunting is pretty amazing. At least, it is for me.

Mowing the LawnAnd it doesn’t just stop at making grocery shopping physically easier. Household chores, mowing the lawn and even fixing flats on the interstate are easier as well.

Developing a bit of a superhero complex helps you develop the muscle definition and endurance to perform various physical activities. Whether it’s performing a bit of home improvement or heading out to play, health and fitness is relevant.

Enhancing Skills

One of the biggest differences I’ve seen for fitness is in my golf game. Lately, I’ve hit the ball nearly fifty yards further than I ever have before. To be honest, I didn’t realize how much of a difference simple push-ups and bicep curls make on swinging a golf club until I started crushing the ball.

Golf Driving RangeEven stretching is highly beneficial. Another golf example is how the standing toe touch has made an impact in bending over to tee up. Instead of my back getting sore at the driving range after 50 strokes, I can go much longer before feeling uncomfortable.

Putting effort into fitness improves strength as well as motor control. From swinging a golf club to hitting a nail with a hammer, keeping yourself in shape enhances your physical skills.

Protecting Yourself and the Family

One of my biggest fears is not being able to protect my baby girls in the event something happens. Would I be in good enough shape to keep my children safe during a natural disaster? Or would I be a burden on my family because I can’t keep up?

I’m not talking about running from a zombie horde…although that would be imperative. What if an earth quake happened or a tornado swept through the neighborhood? I know adrenaline would be beneficial, but there’s only a finite amount of what the body can do at any level of physique.

In today’s world, a disaster can happen at any moment. Being able to protect those closest to you should be a priority. But how effective can you really be if you’re as obese and out of shape as I was? Although I look completely different now than I did a year ago, I still have a long way to go before I feel confident in protecting the family.

Saving Money

A great reason to develop a healthy superhero complex is because it will save you money. A lot of people don’t realize how much it is costing them to be unhealthy while lounging on the couch binge watching Netflix with a bag of Oreos sitting next to them. And yes, this is speaking from experience.

When you’re eating healthier, you’re eating less. Sticking to proper portion sizes greatly reduces the amount of food you consume in a single day. This means the groceries last longer. It also means your spending less money buying snacks and junk foods.

Healthy people are less likely to become sick or injured. As a result, there is less time taken off from work. This translates to making more money for many of us. For instance, I’m not paid if I cannot sit at my desk and write articles for clients because I’m sick. Each day I am out of commission could cost me more than $100.

There are a myriad of ways that being healthy and fit benefit your monthly budget. Walking to the store instead of driving saves gas; playing outside instead of the Playstation saves electricity; eating at home saves money from going through the drive-through window.

Improving Your Career

DeskJockeyHaving a superhero complex also improves your career or job functions at work. Obviously building strength and endurance helps those in labor fields such as construction workers. But even the desk jockeys or cashiers at the store can benefit from health as well.

Healthy eating and proper exercise leads to improved brain functionality. This means you’re thinking more clear and capable of making better decisions. It also improves focus and mood. The end result is a workplace that seems easier to manage while making your activities shine in the eyes of those who hand out raises.

Practicing better health also improves your self-esteem and confidence. These two elements together directly affect how your day unfolds whether it’s at home or at work. When you feel good both mentally and physically, you’re in a constant state of believing you can “handle it.”

Thus, the superhero complex emerges.

In a highly competitive world, most of us need every advantage we can get. Maintaining proper health is one of the best ways to get that edge to secure employment.

Enjoying Cosplay

This really isn’t something that will improve your life, but it’s still fun to mention. Cosplay is like Halloween all year-long, minus the candy. I’ve seen a lot of people take on real-world roles as some amazing characters from movies, games and comic books.

I’ve always wanted to do something like cosplay, but I don’t know if I have the money or the time to really get into it. But I would love to try it just once. Would you rather see a 300 pound Captain America, or one that can actually fit into his outfit?

VenomOne of my goals is to wear nothing but black latex and go as Venom. However, this would require quite the physique that I am nowhere near having.

Set Some Superhero Goals for Yourself

These are only a handful of the benefits that could come from trying to emulate your favorite character. You don’t have to dress up to enjoy what a superhero complex can do for you, though. It’s all about improving yourself mentally and physically. Set some goals and strive to be the champion your family or friends need in a crisis.

What superhero gives you inspiration to improve yourself and why? Leave a comment below and share with the world. My top picks would have to be Captain America, Wolverine and Iron Man…all for different reasons.

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