Why Exercise.com Remains One of My Tools for Fitness

06 Jan

Last Updated on January 7, 2016 by Michael Brockbank

I’m not exactly happy with the new format of Exercise.com – I still believe that the WeightTraining.com had a much better interface. However, the organization still remains part of my tools for fitness. If there was a widget I could use for this blog from Exercise.com, I’d definitely use it to show my progress. For those who don’t know what Exercise.com is, allow me to explain why I like the website so much.

Reasons to Include Exercise.com in Your Routines

It’s Free to Use
Although Exercise.com does have a paid subscription plan, the free version can be quite helpful when it comes to physical activity. As soon as I can afford the yearly plan, I will definitely take advantage of it as more tools and data will be accessible to me. For now, the free version is great for what I need.

Extremely Informative
The database for workouts and weight training is very extensive, and it seems like they continue to add more to the list. Everything from abs to triceps is represented on the site, most of which with accompanying videos. The content is very useful when trying to perform certain exercises for the first time. If you don’t do things just right, you can hurt yourself. The content and videos on Exercise.com are quite helpful to prevent such injuries from happening.

Integrated with MyFitnessPal and RunKeeper
I use MyFitnessPal on a daily basis to track food and nutrition information. I use RunKeeper to track walks and bike rides. Activity I do in Exercise.com gets fed directly into these two apps. It creates an intricate web of information that I use to get myself back into a reasonable shape. When I say reasonable, I am thinking of anything other than round. I’d settle for square at the moment.

Keeping Track of Workouts
The mobile app makes it easy to keep track of my workouts whether I do them at home or at the rec center. The database is easy to access and is perfect to help me break up my routine. It also keeps track of my all-time records for any given workout. For example, I can see that 17 reps is my best for the Lying Leg Raise done in 2014. Yes, I know…remember, I am still out of shape. 🙂

Point System
I like the idea of being in competition among other users. Although it’s based purely on the honor system, it’s still a fun idea. I used to love the challenges that were available on the old system. It’s too bad that it wasn’t popular enough for them to include it when moving to Exercise.com. By the way, it’s my goal to get within the top 100 of the website.

Social Engagement
Before its switch-over in 2015 to a new design, the site was easy to use when it comes to social engagement. Now, there just seems to be too many steps in order to interact with others. However, the friends I made prior to the change still keep in contact with me. It’s a bit of a motivational boost when you have an audience cheering you on.

Getting the Most Out of Exercise.com

Exercise.com includes a great deal of information including the ability to interact with a professional fitness coach. I haven’t taken advantage of this yet, mainly because I don’t have a subscription. However, it’s nice to know that when I get financially stable that I can call on professional help.

There are a number of workout plans you can do on the system. You can also create your own using the workouts that are available. This is one thing I am eager to try in the near future. Again, I don’t have a subscription to set up my own. However, I still have access to pre-designed plans.

Record Your Information Correctly
Although the points are based on the honor system, you shouldn’t try to pad your results in order to get a good position in the top users of the site. In reality, you’re only cheating yourself by not knowing just how far you can go. Anyone can say they did 100 situps. But if you can’t do it, the victory is simply hollow.

Exercise.com is, and probably will always be, one of my favorite apps to utilize. I like being able to track my Xbox Kinect activity while entering in the corrected calorie burn registered from my Fitbit. Since it’s a free system to use, I’d suggest giving it a shot to see if you like it. You have nothing to lose except for a few minutes of your day.

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