Why I Am Starting the 12-Week Challenge Over Yet Again

Yep, you read that right. I am starting my 12-week fitness challenge over again. I am getting so tired of writing that sentence. But, I think mostly it’s because of my OCD when it comes to data and numbers.

I’m actually not doing too bad, in the grand scheme of things. In fact, I’m starting over weighing less than I did last week.

So, Why Start Over if I’m Doing Good?

It’s not that I’ve been lazy. On the contrary, I’ve done more physical activity this past week than I have the past year. And I can actually feel the difference in my body overall.

But when I look at the numbers, the spreadsheet is driving me crazy.

Properly Recording Data for My Case Study

I have several case studies going that rely on accurate numbers. I want to demonstrate how I accomplished specific goals while having the data to back me up.

So, when I forget to log something I ate or forget to step on the scale, it skews that data.

This is the kind of OCD that drives me batty. I never forget to log how much I write in a day…why can’t I do the same for my fitness data?

Maybe I am obsessing too much over the case studies and just need to learn to relax a bit.

I Have a Slew of Content Planned

I am currently in the process of fixing up this blog. Part of the process is putting out some meaningful content that might be helpful to those who are in similar situations.

This is where the data comes in.

The blog posts and videos I want to produce all center around showing specifics. I lost such-and-such amount of weight in a week by eating and burning this amount of calories.

How many calories can you burn doing this activity?

I mean, there is a lot of potential here for content. This is why I am so concerned about the data. I’m not one to talk out of my ass when giving facts.

In fact, I have a few ideas for videos in 12 weeks that should be epic. Well, in my mind they are. Since Crossing Colorado has a very small YouTube channel, it’ll probably get one or two likes.

Still, I need the data to demonstrate that I know what I’m talking about. Or, perhaps the data will disprove some of my points. Either way, I’ll learn something new about myself.

Proving to Myself that I Can Go the Distance

One of the biggest reasons why I want to start over with my 12-week fitness challenge is to prove to myself that I can last longer than just a few days.

I know I can burn through the weight, I’ve done it before. And I know I can do it again. I just need to find that part of myself that wants to succeed at this damn experiment.

I have been taking a few supplements as of late that should help in memory retention, sleep, and energy levels. So, perhaps that will help me stay on track.

Regardless, I want to prove to myself that I can see this all the way through without messing it up. After all, it’s not like the challenge is all that difficult.

Proving a Point

Lastly, and kind of related to content, I want to do this so I can prove a point. I’m so tired of fitness “gurus” advertising supplements and junk as a quick fix for weight loss.

One, in particular, makes it sound like he’s telling you to quit doing cardio and take his company’s supplements instead.

Yeah, I’m coming for you, V Shred.

I want to demonstrate how it really doesn’t take a lot to lose weight and get fit. Most of the time, people make it more difficult than it actually needs to be.

Overall, it’s more of a mental state than anything. It’s easy to talk yourself out of sweating, especially if you’re new to the prospect of health and fitness.

And a lot of these…people…prey on fears of others to make a buck.

True, I’m not the fittest person with a blog. But, I’ve lost more than 70 pounds and have kept it off…to an extent.

But that’s what this challenge is all about. Getting me back into production mode and providing the facts to back it up.

What Makes This Time Any Different?

This time around, I think I’ve solved a few mental issues. It all comes down to time and how little of it I tend to have. And although I would love all of my projects to be successful, tapping and burning me out isn’t going to help.

So, I am…

Taking Time for Me

I need to start prioritizing “me” time. And as I’ve said before, I really need to start paying attention to the alarms I have set. When it goes off to take a break, I need to take that damn break.

I have a tenancy to just swipe to shut off the alarm and keep working. Instead, I need to save my work and roll away from my desk.

If I mentally crash again, it’s going to be very bad.

Reducing My Burden

I’ve also been finding ways to delegate some of my workflow. Luckily, I have some amazing people who don’t mind helping without getting anything in return.

Though, it makes me feel bad that I can’t pay anyone for their help. People like Chris Desatoff have helped me tremendously over the past couple of months.

I’ve also reconsidered a few new ways of making videos and blog posts. I need to stop being so much of a perfectionist and be myself. This reduces how long it takes me to create something like a blog post or YouTube video.

I Want to Look Good for Halloween!

One of my goals from several years ago was to dress up as a superhero for Halloween without using a padded bodysuit. In fact, I had this idea of having my best friend paint me in black latex and go as Venom.

I know it’s a bit on the vain side, but for me, it’s something that I want to do for myself that is more fun than anything.

In reality, fitness for me is just the means to keep my heart pumping. Past health issues literally almost killed me. But, why not have some fun goals mixed in? I would love to cosplay for Children’s Hospital while dressing up as Captain America.

Right now, it would be Captain Dadbod.

Let’s See if I Can Last Longer than Three Days!

So, there we have it. The same old argument for the past six months. I’ll tell you what, though, if I can last the entire week without screwing up the numbers somehow, I won’t restart until the challenge is over.

I just hope I can last longer than a handful of days this time around.

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  • July 11, 2021 at 12:16 pm

    Okay Michael,

    You know I love ya brotha, but I’m also getting tired of you writing that sentence. Not in a judgy way or anything, but you know. I’m tired of both of us talking the talk but falling so short of our potential. Anyway, if you’re serious, I can help you. I have a plan. Dude, you’re gonna love this plan (or maybe HATE it). But you have to be SERIOUS. And not just kiNdA serious. I mean SERIOUS. SEE. REE. USS. So tell me, man. How serious are you this time? Email me if you mean it. There will be no stopping – not this time. P.S. – this plan is not going to require any additional time commitment or money on your part.


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