Why I Don’t Look for “Get Slim Quick” Schemes

Get Slim Quick
09 Apr

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Too many people are looking for the perfect “get slim quick” routine or diet. And although a few of these are ideal for some, they just don’t do it for me. A lot of problems crop up in these kinds of schemes for which many people are not ready.

I’m not saying that all diet plans that help you slim down quickly are garbage. However, you do need to be aware of what it is you’re getting into.

Get Slim Quick and Problems that Come

People are too impatient in today’s fast-paced society. It’s all about instant gratification and getting results now. But is this a good mindset to have when it comes to your health?

For many people, pushing too hard too quickly can result in all kinds of physical issues. For instance, I tend to go into shock if I push a workout harder than my blood-sugar can handle.

Physical exhaustion can happen rather quick if you’re not paying attention. And you may not be able to handle some of those get-slim-quick schemes simply because your body cannot handle the strain.

What else can cause a problem from these diets and fitness routines?


I’ve witnessed several people throw themselves into various levels of malnutrition by trying to maintain a specific diet plan. For example, I know one person who doesn’t eat carbs and then heads to the gym. Since many carbs are used to provide fuel for muscles, weight training becomes exceedingly difficult.

Another group of people will purposely put themselves into starvation mode in the hopes to burn fat. Unfortunately, this also means they are denying themselves nutrients the body needs to operate.

Humans do not store certain vitamins and minerals necessary for proper function. This is why even obese people still need to eat. Starving yourself also has potential to cause permanent damage.

Lacks Pride and Confidence

A major aspect to get slim quick is the lack of pride and confidence I know I would feel. I am the type of person who revels in being able to accomplish a goal. Every daily success I make towards losing the whole 110 pounds fuels me for the next day.

I can safely say that my weight loss is due to my own ability to adapt, make decisions, certain sacrifices and improve my life overall. It wasn’t some mainstream brand that convinced me to make a change.

On the other hand, I can see how many people who want to make those big changes are successful using branded health and fitness products. And there’s nothing wrong with that as long as your able to sustain good health after meeting your goals.

I would rather look back and say, “Yes, I did this.” I wound rather be proud of my accomplishment than to rush into anything.

Spending Money I Don’t Have

Perhaps the biggest contributor to why I don’t get on the get-slim-quick bandwagon is because I am poor. I can pay the bills and have a few bucks left over, but I really don’t have the money many brands demand for results.

To put this into perspective, I eat less than $5 per day in food on good days. This isn’t possible for things like Weight Watchers, Blue Apron, Atkins and many others.

I don’t really have the cash for expensive exercise equipment, either.

Too Much Sacrifice

Many diets want you to sacrifice a lot of the foods and behaviors that make some people happy. I don’t believe in completely removing certain elements from my lifestyle.

Don’t get me wrong, some things in your life need to be removed even if you don’t want to get slim quick. But it’s the extent of some of these changes I just don’t do well with.

I will still have a Walmart cupcake, but I don’t eat three or four in a single sitting.

It’s Always the Fit Who Promote

Lastly, I have a hard time following any diet plan or fitness routine devised by someone who is already fit. It seems like a lot of these people don’t realize many who are obese simply cannot perform certain exercises due to physical restriction.

When I walked a 5K back when I weighed nearly 290 pounds, I wound up fracturing both feet. The spirit was willing, but the flesh was incredibly weak.

I want to see a 300 pound, out of shape person jump on one of those Bowflex machines and put in the same effort those slim people do. I promise, he or she would have a far different experience.

9 Tips to Become Slim at home

Home Workout

If you’re not focused on a get-slim-quick scheme, it’s easy to drop weight from the comfort of home. All it really takes is an adjustment or two in your daily routine and conviction to continue.

Here are the things I do at home to drop the weight. It’s not a get-slim-quick plan, but I’ve lost nearly 70 pounds so far.

1. Use MyFitnessPal Everyday

MyFitnessPal is a free tool you can use to watch how much you eat. Whether you count calories like I do or want to stay under a carb and fats goal, you can set it up in a number of ways.

You’ll be shocked when you start putting in all the foods you eat throughout the day, especially if you visit fast-food places a lot.

I like MyFitnessPal because it gives me a method to track the amount of junk I consume throughout the day. I can look at my phone and see whether I have enough calories for that slice of cake or not. It’s been very influential to losing 70 pounds.

2. Cook More, Eat Out Less

I do most of my cooking at home while portioning out the food correctly. Not only do I save money, but I can make sure I’m getting the nutrients I need to keep my body working well.

Another thing about eating out less is how you may be overfed and don’t even realize it. The purpose of most restaurants is to make the most money possible. This often means creating deals and specials that deliver way more food than you need while appearing cheap.

Just because it costs less doesn’t mean it’s less food, necessarily.

3. Increase Your Physical Movement

A huge influence in losing the first 70 pounds relates to putting in more effort to stay mobile. Which is a bit difficult seeing how I sit at my desk most of the day between work and play.

The more you burn, the quicker you’ll lose weight. Just make sure you’re balancing out intake versus output. You don’t want to over-burn your calories without consuming enough to keep you conscious.

You can jump into regular exercise routines, but realize “exercise” can technically be anything that increases your heart rate and works up a sweat. This includes house cleaning, shopping or even playing the Xbox Kinect.

4. Change the Way You Eat

Want to lose weight without really doing much? Maybe you just need to change the way you eat to get slim quick. In fact, I lost several pounds simply by reducing the foods I ate on a daily basis.

It’s all about intake versus output. If you don’t do much to exert the energy, eating too much will easily turn into fat. On days you don’t do a lot, don’t eat a lot.

Also mix in a few healthier alternatives to your daily routine. I still eat a couple of cookies and some chocolate every day, but I also throw in more fruits and vegetables.

This is one of the biggest reasons why I love MyFitnessPal so much. I can build a plan based around my own personal diet and what I want to accomplish.

5. Work On Breaking Personal Records on Exercise.com

Even though it’s lost a lot of the luster it once had, Exercise.com is still a good site if you want to keep track of exercise routines. I use it to monitor personal records for certain workouts. For example, I can look up when I set my record for 22 push-ups.

Breaking personal records helps gamify fitness, which keeps your mind engaged in the process. Anything that takes away the sense of mundane exercise will help you get slim quick.

Let’s take this month, for instance. I am working on breaking my push-up and laying leg raise record by the end of the month. So I try to do something every day that works to that end goal, such as 10 push-ups during a break or a few crunches while playing Kinect Sports Season 2: Tennis.

6. Get Out and Walk More

The easiest exercise most people can do is walking. Not only does it help burn away calories and fats, but it also benefits the cardiovascular system. It’s also the number one contributor to helping my heart after it stopped in 2016.

See, I’m not trying to look like an underwear model. I simply don’t want to die. And my weight and physical health in 2016 demonstrated how I was close to knocking on that door.

Although you probably won’t get slim quick walking, it’s still an incredibly beneficial activity if you want to strengthen the internal workings of your body.

7. Devise a Routine that Works for You

Not everyone will benefit from the same workout routines and diet plans in a similar way. In reality, some people will have a negative experience when trying to follow the guidelines of health and fitness experts.

Personally, I’d rather put more work into developing a strategy customized for my own needs and goals. The downside to this is that it often requires more time to find the perfect groove for yourself.

It doesn’t fall in line with a get-slim-quick mentality, but I found it to have far more enriching rewards outside of simply losing weight.

8. Don’t Rely Heavily on the Scale

OK, a lot of people have a problem with paying too much attention to the scale. The truth is, there are a lot of things that can influence a scale that is not related to fat mass.

I tend to rely more on inch measurements of various body parts as well as photographic evidence. Even if the scale says I didn’t lose anything this week, I could still look better while shrinking in overall size.

Mostly, this is because of the difference in muscle versus fat volume. Muscle is more dense than fat but takes up less volume in the body. If you lose a pound of fat but gain a pound of muscle, the scale will say you had no loss but the measurements and pictures say otherwise.

9. Use Wearable Calorie Monitors

I know a lot of people will probably say how calorie-burn wearable devices are not 100% accurate. And they don’t have to be. The point of something like a Fitbit is to give you an idea of your general health.

In the long run, everyone will burn calories at different rates depending on metabolism and genetic makeup. However, many of these devices are very close and will help you build a better strategy for managing your weight.

Wearables give you a visual record, which helps a lot of people when it comes to exercise and fitness. It’s the reason charts work so well and why people love infographics. Humans are visual, and seeing the results for yourself helps drive motivation and effort.

Don’t Try to Look Like a Model

An attractive body should be more of a side-effect and not a goal. I don’t want to get slim quick because I want to attract a woman. I’m doing it so I can live long enough to see my youngest graduate.

What is your reasoning behind being healthier?

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