Why I Use Runkeeper When I Don’t Run

07 Jan

Last Updated on May 21, 2023 by Michael Brockbank

Between joint problems and body weight, it’s quite difficult for me to run at the moment. Then again, I’ve never been one to spend a lot of time jogging or running in the first place. I used to run in high school, but that was decades ago. Even though I don’t jog or run, I still use Runkeeper often and consider it one of my go-to tools. Why do I still use the app when I don’t get outside as often as I’d like?

Tracking My Movements through Runkeeper

Even though I don’t run, I do walk and love riding my bike. Unfortunately, all of my tires were recently flattened and I haven’t been able to ride in quite some time. Hopefully, I’ll get back into the swing of things as soon as the snow melts.

Tracking Other Activities
Runkeeper does more than just track your running or jogging. It has a long list of activities that you can enter to track virtually any kind of movement. Even those in a wheelchair can use the app to track distance, speed and calories burnt. Last year, I tracked a bit of swimming. I had to enter in the time and such manually because my phone isn’t water proof.

Accuracy of Information
One of the things that makes Runkeeper such an accurate tool is the GPS tracking. Using your geographic location, the app can determine how far you’ve traveled based on periodic pings to your mobile device. As most GPS devices are accurate within a few meters of your physical location, it can be incredibly valuable to determine your pace and physical activity.

Like all of my other tools, Runkeeper integrates well with MyFitnessPal, Exercise.com and Fitbit. When ever I complete an activity for any of these, the information is automatically updated in the others.

Improving Myself through Runkeeper

One of my ultimate goals is to ride a bike across the state of Colorado – hence the name of this website. Using Runkeeper, I can track my activity and keep an eye on my overall progress. This helps me set goals, understand my limitations and help me build a realistic strategy about how to proceed with my plans.

Building Strategies
Each month, the system tracks total miles. If I can continue to surpass each month’s total, then I am on course to being where I want to be. I don’t always get to that point – usually because I am incredibly busy. However, I think this year is the year for getting more done in terms of reaching my goal of 190 pounds. I just don’t know if that’s possible considering that I am a big guy to begin with. Not to sound conceited, but I do have a great deal of muscle mass underneath this pillowy exterior.

Beating Records
I love data. Runkeeper will track my all-time records for distance and speed. This gives me something to work for as I enjoy beating my own stats. Coincidentally, I thought for sure my 5k walk in December was a record setter for me…nope! It was my second longest. I think my Bike ride to Walmart was my longest trip recorded. However, I still enjoy pushing to beat my best average speed.

Why Should You Use It?

The fact that Runkeeper has a great deal to offer as a free platform is what initially drove me to use the app. I am just too poor to pay for the pro services – which I probably would if I made more money. It’s an easy to use system that can be quite beneficial to help you discover your own limitations and develop goals for a healthier lifestyle.

Now that I have developed a better working schedule, I should be able to get more walking and riding done. It’s just a bit cold here to do it outside, so I might have to track walking inside on a treadmill. Either way, Runkeeper tracks all of that activity for me.

So, before you strap on your shoes or adorn your riding helmet, take a look at what Runkeeper can do for you. Personally, I find it to be incredibly useful and fun – especially when I go for walks with the wife. Now, if this damn weather would just clear up…

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