Why You Should Never Cheat in Health Tracking Apps

07 May

Last Updated on May 7, 2017 by Michael Brockbank

A lot of people cheat at games to make themselves feel exceptional. No one likes to lose, and some just cannot handle the thought of being “bad” at something. This is also evident in fitness apps that promote a social element. While cheating may look good on a smartphone, it doesn’t do anything for your health.

Why Cheat in an App?

In the past couple of years, I’ve come across all kinds of apps for health. One of my favorites is Exercise.com. In this particular app, you can track your progress in thousands of exercises compared to others who use the app or website.

As it uses the honor system, there is no way to really verify if someone is actually hitting those high numbers in lifting weights or repetitions in exercise. As a result, I’ve seen some pretty outlandish numbers. These people often achieve the “#1” spot for that exercise.

I came across one particular individual who stated that he rode his bike 5400 miles in five days. When you break this down, he would have to maintain 45 miles per hour for five straight days with no sleep or stopping to eat or use the restroom…while on a bicycle.

You Only Hurt Yourself

A lot of people will cheat to make themselves feel important. They want to get some sense of accomplishment, especially if it’s in the public eye. It’s not necessarily because they want to win, but to show their own greatness. To be admired.

Although this might fill someone with some sort of self-esteem boost, it’s not really a productive way to go about health and fitness. In fact, cheating will have an adverse affect that you may not actually realize at the time.

Impacts Motivation to Continue

achieving realistic goalsWhen you cheat at health and fitness apps, you don’t get that same sense of progress as you would otherwise. There’s nothing really to strive for because you already “accomplished” a goal. This will affect your motivation to actually reach a healthier body.

Many people are motivated by the idea of surpassing their own capabilities. For instance, I love setting and breaking personal records. In fact, I am focusing on breaking a personal record for lying leg raises this week. This is one of the things that motivates me to keep working on physical activity.

A cheater doesn’t have that same drive to continue. Which means he or she will get far less from the experience and may not reach healthier goals. Instead, those who do strive for a better lifestyle will always one-up a cheater in the end.

Sure, I would love the number one spot in any exercise on the website. Unfortunately, those who cheat will always take that position. So, I work on being better than I am with the idea that I am also better than those who falsely enter in numbers.

Lack of Real Pride or Accomplishment

Pride in AccomplishmentsWhile it may look cool to see your name in the number one position for a particular exercise, you’re not getting the same sense of pride that others do. Think about it. Are you looking for a pat on the back from others or from yourself? In reality, it should be you who is proud of reaching a goal. Too many people focus intently on what others think.

Social glory is short-lived. It will only boost your self-esteem for a very short period of time, if at all.

Yes, I can put into Exercise.com that I can do 200 push-ups and be in the top 10 for that workout. However, I know I would only be able to do 20…so where is the sense of pride? It’s doesn’t really exist. I am still proud of myself for reaching 20 and there’s nothing anyone can do to take that away from me.

And that’s what most of these apps are all about. Helping you feel good about changing your life for the better and not making you look good on social media.

Doesn’t Improve Health at All

fitness appsYour body really doesn’t give a damn if you cheat or not. It knows the score and is the absolute judge of your fitness in the end. You may think that you’re doing awesome compared to others who use the app. But in reality, your body may be close to shutting you down.

I’m not merely speaking about physical health, either. Your mentality about fitness will also be lacking when you cheat. When you’re able to accomplish specific goals, the feeling of pride is amazing. Confidence, self-esteem and even your overall mood is enhanced when you’re legitimately able to do as you claim.

It really makes no sense to use fitness or health apps if you have no intention of actually improving yourself. Unless you’re nothing but a troll and work to make others miserable because you’re a pathetic little bottom feeder, you might as well go on to something else.

Wow…sorry for the micro rant. Guess I have a bit of an issue with trolls and cheaters. Probably because it’s hard for me to believe that humanity can sink to such levels.

Makes You Look Like a Fool Later

learning exerciseIf you cheat and are revealed, it makes you look foolish and untrustworthy. Even the smallest infractions can easily become blown out of proportion to the point of hurting your reputation beyond repair. It often takes a great deal of effort to recuperate from a damaged reputation, especially on the Internet.

Never claim you can do something you absolutely know you cannot accomplish. Sooner or later, it will come back to bite you in the ass. It can be devastating to yourself as well as those around you. Sure, it’s only claiming to do so many push-ups. But those who believe in you may be devastated by the fact you’re a liar, not that you can’t do 200 push-ups.

I love it when people are uncovered as frauds. I honestly hope they realize their wrong doings and work to improve themselves. But I know most of them probably don’t care. And that’s sad, really. You should never be content with being less than your potential.

Why Troll Yourself?

Unfortunately, it’s difficult for people on fitness apps to be exposed for the cheaters they are. All you can really do is focus on your own health and fitness and relish in the idea that you’re technically doing better than that particular person. Strive to be better than you are. When you cheat on apps like MyFitnessPal or Exercise.com, you’re only trolling yourself.

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