Wrapping up some Christmas Shopping in Arvada.

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Wrapping up some Christmas Shopping in Arvada.

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This was simply a test run of using IFTTT to send Instagram photos to my website. This is a shot of the Colorado sky from Costco. Last minute Christmas shopping is an asinine concept. One I know is stressful every year but manage to contribute to it anyway.

Why do people put off shopping for Christmas till the last minute? It’s common knowledge traffic is going to be on the verge of madness and shops will run out of what you’re looking for relatively quick anyway.

I think part of that has to do with how quickly people can change wants and needs. This is especially true for Children. What your tween daughter wants in July is going to be different by the time December rolls around.

To be honest, I think my Colorado skyline seems different than living in other places. I know it’s the same sky that blankets the Earth. But it just seems so much more brilliant from my home. Maybe it’s because it is my home.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved living in Los Angeles and visiting the Santa Monica Pier. But when all is said an done, my heart lives here. I’m a city boy who loves the mountains.

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