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20 Feb

Last Updated on May 21, 2023 by Michael Brockbank

I know I keep threatening to make a return to YouTube. But this time, I think I’m at a place where it’ll be viable. And it’s all thanks to the short YouTube videos I’ve been making recently on another channel.

And I’m not 100% sure why I didn’t think of doing this before. I think maybe it has something to do with having so much on my plate and trying to keep everything balanced.

Regardless, I’ll be returning to YouTube as CrossingColorado this upcoming week.

Why Am I Making YouTube Vidoes?

A lot of people will jump onto YouTube to make that mad money. But, since I know how AdSense works, I’m not expecting a massive payout.

Hell, I’m not expecting a super growth rate to hit the minimum requirements for YouTube’s Partnership Program.

Still, the platform can serve more purposes than just making money.

To Keep Me Accountable for Weight Loss

I’ve always been a fan of using social media to hold one accountable for any purpose. In this case, I want the audience to hold me accountable for weight loss.

And with more eyes on me lately, I’m starting to feel a bit self-conscious. Sure, I’m a great resource for freelance writing. But, I can’t even lose my own weight. How can I help anyone else in their weight-loss journey?

Because I Have Fun Making Them

I really enjoy making YouTube videos. Any videos. If I can make video content all day long, I would. It’s incredibly fun, and I like toying around with new visual effects and background music.

In fact, I’m working on a few new projects for one of my other channels that have me pretty excited. Needless to say, I guess I love the camera.

E-A-T for Google

And lastly, I’m trying to rebuild this website and regain some of its effectiveness in Google. Part of this process is demonstrating Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness.

Though, I still believe I have that in spades on this site. Every bit of information I provide is backed by either personal experience or scientific data.

I suppose I just need to lose the last of the weight to show that I really do know what I’m talking about.

At any rate, as the meta “sameAs” works for WriterSantuary, I need the same element rolling for CrossingColorado.

What Kind of YouTube Videos Are Coming?

Types of Videos

So, what do I plan on making in the future? It’s not like my channel has a specific flow or a focused niche. Actually, I had a lot of inspiration this week, and everything just hit me like a bolt of lightning.

In fact, I am kind of kicking myself in the ass for not realizing this new strategy I’m putting into place to whip out some content.

Quick Daily Updates

I’ve always wanted to do daily updates regarding my challenges and case studies. I figured these would be so hard to do at night, especially if I had to render the videos on the computer.

However, I did a private video for supporters this week for WriterSanctuary from my smartphone. And as much as I hate phones, it was stupid easy to upload.

Now, I have a plan in place to make these updates and keep me accountable.

Self-Trolling Videos

I love making the self-trolling videos. They do take a long time to make, much longer than the YouTube videos I make for WriterSanctuary.

As I mentioned in the past, though, I can probably start making these on the weekend. It’s not like I have much of a social life. And since I’m not dating anyone at the moment, I have plenty of time.

Well, plenty of time during the weekends. Monday through Friday is pretty full at the moment.

Bodyblade Dance Routines (for comedy)?

I’m debating on doing dance videos using the Bodyblade. Essentially, I have certain routines I do when using the Bodyblade that help me burn a ton of calories.

Now, these aren’t going to be the serious workout videos you’d see on a DVD. They are going to be mostly made for fun to bring a smile to your face.

I’m not sure how many of these I’ll make, and they might be just stupid. But, we’ll have to see.

Watch them go super viral.

Reviews on Various Products and Services

One thing I wanted to do more of on the channel was review products and services. Though, I didn’t really feel qualified to do them simply because I am still struggling to lose the last 30 pounds.

I know, it’s a dumbass reason. But it all comes down to my issues with impostor syndrome.

Why listen to me when I can’t do it myself?

At any rate, I do plan on putting more effort into reviewing everything from foods to home workout equipment. And yes, that is going to include how I melt fat playing the Xbox Kinect.

Why Now? What Inspired Me?

Getting Inspiration

Ever since 2020, I started to put as much effort into my personal projects as I do for my clients. After all, if my sites are part of my portfolio, maybe they should reflect my abilities.

So, I started to plan out some fixes for CrossingColorado and a couple of things hit me this week for the YouTube videos.

And I really do feel like an idiot for not thinking about this sooner…

Two Future Videos I Want to Make

OK, I have two future videos I am in the process of making. One is a special video regarding my 12-week fitness challenge. The other is more of a dig at a popular YouTuber.

In fact, I already have the intro planned out. And yes, it’ll probably be the most disliked video in my library for people who are fans of this particular douchebag.

However, it’s going to be really fun making the video. Let’s just say that since I’m not monetized anyway, the intro is going to be well worth it.

But in order for either of these videos to really make sense, I need to focus on my fitness challenge and drop as much weight as possible in three months.

This brings me to accountability and daily uploads.

Simplicity of Using the Smartphone

And secondly, stumbling across how much quicker it is to upload a raw video to YouTube has inspired a few ideas for all of my channels.

Although the quality isn’t anywhere near what I can do with the desktop setup, quick clips and informative tidbits are exceptionally easy to make.

Especially if I jump on the YouTube Shorts train, YouTube’s “answer” to TikTok.

At any rate, it’s so much easier to have the phone render and upload the video for me instead of wrapping my computer up for two and a half hours.

Trying to Create Balance in Chaos

I’m still working on trying to balance all of the projects I have going. So far, I’ve managed to streamline two of the four blogs I want to see do well in 2021.

But I think doing the YouTube videos for daily updates is going to be greatly beneficial to keep my mind focused on weight loss.

It’s going to be interesting to see where this all goes over the next few months.

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