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29 Aug

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Want to earn $10 for doing nothing more than what you’re currently doing for fitness? MyAchievement might be something to look into. It’s nothing extravagant, but it is an extremely easy way to make a few bucks for zero additional effort.

What Is MyAchievement and Why You Want It is a platform you can sign up with that will track your health and fitness statistics. It connects to various apps you use to collect its data. Once you hit 10,000 points, you’re paid $10 for your efforts. That’s it.

Once titled, “Achievemint,” the system has undergone a couple changes since I signed up. However, the company stays true to their word and a reward was available once I earned enough points.

You don’t need to worry about advertisements, spam emails or sharing personal information about yourself. Well, outside of your fitness and health data collected by various apps. It’s one of those things you can literally set it up and forget about.

I was a bit skeptical when my friend brought the site to my attention. Because I wanted content for this website, I decided to give it a try. Yesterday, I received my first $10 payment in PayPal. While it did take me quite a long time to reach that goal, it was a pleasant surprise to see an incoming payment from Achievement.

The creators of the system state the information collected is used for data research. I suppose it is an efficient way to do surveys without people taking out time to fill a questionnaire.

For instance, Achievement can answer questions such as “Of those surveyed, how many hours of sleep do people of a certain age and gender receive on a regular basis?”

It’s quite an ingenious method of research, to be honest.

Highlights of MyAchievement

The system works by collecting data from a variety of apps available online. In my case, I connected it to Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper and Twitter. Achievement supports around 30 different apps or so for those who use a range of fitness systems.

At any time, you can go back and see your results and how many points you’ve earned from various activities. Each point reward displays where the data came from. For example, most of my points come from Fitbit thanks to the amount of walking I do.

Acievemint Points

Achievement runs by automatically collecting data from the apps you use. You don’t have to log in, record steps or make additions. In fact, I forgot all about it for several months – all the time it was collecting data and adding points to my account.

Essentially, you earn money by simply striving to be healthier. For example, you can earn six points for merely posting a Tweet about something health and fitness related. Because I tweet a lot about fitness and health, I’ve racked up quite a few points from this process.

If you’re curious about your data, you can also export the information as a CSV file and open it in Excel, Open Office or Libre Office. I might have to do a report on my own stats in the future. It’s the same information you see when viewing your activity except in a spreadsheet.

If you want a few extra points, you can opt in to completing available health surveys. This is located in the “Offers” tab when you log into the system. However, these are quite limited in availability. Once you complete a survey, it could be months before another becomes available.

Does Achievement Actually Work?

Like I said, I was skeptical about the system. After all, it could take a very long time to earn the $10 if you’re only approaching health and fitness with a half-assed attitude. But now that I made the first 10, it may motivate me to do more so I can earn the cash in less time.

Achievemint Payment
Actual Screenshot from PayPal

As soon as I hit the 10,000 point goal, Achievement issued payment through PayPal and my stats reset. Now, I am 175 points into my next 10K.

The only real downside is how long it takes to earn 10,000 points. Unless you’re absolutely active and putting in the effort to be healthy, it could take a great deal of time. However, maintaining a strong desire to live and lose weight will surely make the points go by pretty quick.

This is especially true if you connect a Fitbit or other movement tracker.

How Do You Get to It?

MyAchievement is available for Android and iOS as well as being browser-based. This means you can readily keep track of your fitness data from virtually any Internet-capable device. Personally, I don’t use the Android app as the system doesn’t really have in-depth features outside of linking other fitness apps.

For those who have Android devices, MyAchievement is available at Google Play.

You can visit the iOS webpage at iTunes if you want to install it on your iPhone or iPad.

Visit the website if you want to check it out further. You have nothing to lose and $10 to gain.

It only takes a few moments to sign up and connect your apps. The end result is a network of fitness components that help you earn money while becoming more healthy. It’s like finding a $10 bill on the ground while you’re out for a walk. You’re already doing the activity anyway, why not collect the cash?

What Are the Pros and Cons of MyAchievement

OK, now on to the good and bad points of using MyAchievement. Although I support this product, it does have a few areas that would need to be addressed before calling it a “perfect” system.


  • $10 reward system for keeping track of your data.
  • System is completely automated.
  • Something you don’t have to pay attention to.
  • Supports a range of health and fitness apps.


  • Could take many months to earn $10.
  • Need to have a degree of motivation for health to really be successful.
  • Would be nice to have a bonus for meeting fitness goals.
  • Not enough special survey offers available.
  • Would be nice to have a social element to it of some kind.

Is MyAchievement Right for You?

If you’re looking for greater motivation for fitness and health, an extra $10 for participation my be helpful. Because of the system’s automation, you might as well sign up and let MyAchievement track your data. Unless you’re worried about “Big Brother” knowing how much water you drink, I don’t see the problem with using this platform.

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