Reviews: Is the Emerge Body Slenderizing Drink Mix Any Good?

Max Muscle Emerge Drink Mix
28 Feb

The market is full of energy drinks that make some amazing claims for health and fitness. But not all of them are created equal. Today, I’m taking a look at the Emerge Body Slenderizing Drink Mix from Max Muscle. How does it compare to others?

Personally, I find it superior in a variety of ways. But also keep in mind that everyone is different. We all have unique tastes, needs, and wants. What works well for one may not have the same effect for another.

Nonetheless, I know a lot of people who prefer Emerge over anything you can find at the store.

This review is focused on the actual drink mix powder as Emerge also has bottled versions available. And this isn’t including the Emerge Zero product line.

What is the Emerge Energy Drink from Max Muscle?

Emerge is labeled as being a “body slenderizing drink mix” dietary supplement. While some may use it as a pre-workout, others will simply drink it to get a kickstart to their day.

Essentially, it’s a powder that you add to 8 to 16 ounces of water.

The claims of the product include activating thermogenesis, promoting weight loss, and enhancing one’s energy and mood. Although I can’t attest to the first two, I definitely notice a difference in my day from a mental standpoint.

In fact, there are several reasons why I drink Emerge almost every day. You can say I am a bit of a fan.

What Can You Expect from Emerge?

Drink Mix Powder
Foamy after shaking in the Blender bottle

So, Emerge is an energy drink mix just like any other. As such, it’s going to share a lot of the same overall effects. However, there are several key things that make it stand out for me.

Most of these are the reason why I’ve been a customer of Max Muscle for several years now.

Cheaper than Many Energy Drinks

The 540g canister of Emerge runs for around $54.99 at my local Max Muscle. According to the label, you get about 30 servings of the mix. I can attest to this being about average as I only have to buy a canister once per month.

This breaks down to $1.83 per serving, which is far cheaper than other energy drinks at Walmart.

To be perfectly honest, I get more out of Emerge than I do from something like a Monster. Sure, I like the taste of Loca Moca, but the physical effects are just not there with many other brands.

Enhances Energy and Mood

Perhaps the most vital reason why I’ve been buying Emerge for the past several years is because of the energy and mood enhancement. This is coming from someone who drinks way too much coffee.

I’ll go into more details in a moment, but I can say that I do notice a considerable difference in how I approach the day after having the energy drink.

This can partly be attributed to the 300mg of caffeine per serving that is in Emerge. To put this into perspective, the average cup of coffee has around 95mg of caffeine.

Several Flavors to Choose From

Although they recently got rid of my favorite flavor, Blue Raspberry, there are several that I still quite enjoy. For example, I just had the Wild Cherry Tart this morning and I have a canister of Pineapple Pizzazz waiting on the shelf.

At the time of this post, there are 13 flavors to choose from depending on your personal tastes.

Almost Half the Carbs of Others

When compared to store-bought energy drinks, this one has nearly half of the carbs of many others. And if you are considering net carbs, the difference is even greater.

There are 16g of carbs, with 7g of it being dietary fiber.

For those on the keto diet or similar, Emerge has about 9 net carbs per serving. Still a bit heavy, but not nearly as bad as many others you’ll find in the store.

Loaded with Vitamin C and Bs

This product comes packed with vitamin C, B6, and B12. As these contribute to mood and energy levels, they more than likely play a big role in how the drink makes you feel from a mental standpoint.

It also doesn’t hurt to give your immune system a bit of a boost, not to mention the other benefits of vitamin C.

“Fat Incinerating”

One of the key marketing points of Emerge is “fat incinerating.” In other words, it’s supposed to help you burn fat quicker. According to the breakdown of its proprietary blend, there may be some truth to this claim.

For example, Emerge uses green tea extract, Advantra Z, and bitter orange to promote thermogenesis and increase metabolism within the body. Unfortunately, Max Muscle doesn’t go too far into the details of how much of each is added to the powder.

Personally, I haven’t observed a “fat-burning” benefit while drinking Emerge outside of increased energy.

Several Elements with Backed Science

So, every brand will toss up scientific evidence to support its claims of any given product. Max Muscle is no different with the Emerge line. In fact, the “proprietary” blend tells of many ingredients that do have scientific papers going into detail about why they work.

However, without knowing the quantities of each component, it’s difficult to assert that the drink mix will work exactly as advertised.

Not to mention how a lot of brands will use scientific evidence from studies performed on rats. Yeah, most will gloss over that tidbit of information when marketing a product.

Still, I have found a lot of human-based studies that support the claims of the ingredients within Emerge. This means there is potential for the product to do as it claims.

Does Emerge Help You Lose Weight?

Emerge Label

OK, let’s dive into the real nuts and bolts of why a lot of you are here; will Emerge help you lose weight?

Yes, but with a caveat.

Although Emerge does include a lot of ingredients that promote thermogenesis, metabolism boosts, and such, it doesn’t mean a glass of it will cause a pound of fat to instantly drop off.

No product can do this outside of gastric bypass surgery. Well, unless you eat a considerable amount of laxatives.

Energy drinks like the Max Muscle Emerge product line do have the potential to assist in weight loss. But the bulk of the work will still be up to you.

In other words, don’t expect the drink to melt off that bag of Oreos you’re about to eat.

You will still need to maintain good eating and exercising routines if you truly want to lose weight. Drinks like this are simply there to give you an additional boost to what you’re already doing.

Eating more than 200 grams of carbs every day is still going to make it difficult to lose weight while drinking Emerge. That is unless you are physically active.

Would I Continue to Use Emerge?

As I’ve said before, I’ve been a customer of Max Muscle for quite some time. And I usually have a canister of Emerge somewhere in my kitchen.

Although I still have 30 pounds to lose, the weight-loss aspect isn’t why I buy the drink mix every month.

Definite Mood Enhancer

I’ve noticed a considerable difference in my overall mood on days when I drink Emerge. I am in higher spirits and seem more positive overall throughout the vast majority of my day.

When I get a full night’s rest, which doesn’t happen often, I am in exceptionally high spirits after having the drink mix. Moreso than without.

Emerge Has No Noticeable Difference from Other Pre-Workout Drinks

As I’ve been trying to get more time in the gym lately, I’ve noticed no difference between Emerge and the other pre-workout drinks on the market.

That is outside of niacin flush, which is the itchy, tingly feeling after taking high doses of B vitamins. Emerge doesn’t give me the “itchies.”

As for energy during weight training, I don’t notice any difference between Emerge and something like Cellucor’s C4 or Bucked Up.

More Focused and Productive

And lastly, there is a significant difference in how I manage my workloads in the morning after having Emerge. I am far more focused and productive than on days without.

Given the science behind some of the ingredients for the proprietary blend, this is part of the intended claims from the manufacturer.

All I know is that I’m ready to tackle the day and usually in a much better mood after a good workout and a bottle of Emerge.

What is Your Favorite Energy Drink Mix?

There’s absolutely no doubt that the Max Muscle Emerge energy drink mix is my favorite supplement. While I don’t often use it as a pre-workout, it’s long taken the place of stopping at 7-11 for a Monster.

It’s cheaper, I love the flavors, and it has more of an impact on my mental state than other brands. Not to mention a vastly lower calorie, carb, and sugar count.

What kind of energy drink do you favor most and why? I enjoy trying new products, and if you have something I’ve never had before, I’m more than interested.