Does Going to the Gym for 2 Weeks Make a Difference?

Here we are, 2 weeks of going to the gym. And I’m actually enjoying myself quite a bit. Not only have I noticed a bit of a difference physically, but mentally I feel awesome that I was able to commit to something. In the past, I really didn’t have my heart into lifting weights.

And if it wasn’t for this gift idea of a calendar for my friend, I probably would have waited even longer.

From a health and fitness perspective, it’s probably one of my better ideas this year. Well, trying the keto diet is up there as well. Even though I’m not following strict keto rules, what I’ve learned about myself over the past month has been very beneficial.

The Biggest Differences After 2 Weeks of Going to the Gym

Below, you’ll find a couple of before and after photos. And although there are a few slight differences here and there, perhaps the biggest difference has been the way I feel overall.

When I started this little adventure with Planet Fitness, I was a hurtin’ unit. My arms were incredibly stiff, sore, and I could barely move. Every muscle group above the waist felt like it was on fire.

After five days and visiting the gym two more times since that moment, I no longer felt like I was falling apart. Even on the days when I push to fail, I still don’t hurt nearly as bad as I did on that first day.

So, if you’re new and curious about going to the gym to lift weights, just know that the extreme soreness you feel will go away in a few days.

Before and After Gym Photos for the Past 2 Weeks

OK, I feel so uncomfortable sharing pictures of myself without my shirt on. It reminds me of those old Alex Jones ads of before and after he took that weight loss supplement. You know the ones, where the only difference was a camera angle and a tan?

Such a useless individual.

Anyway, as I promised, I’ll share a couple of pics with you. And although the difference isn’t massive, there are a few elements that are starting to improve.

From the Front

Although it’s hard to make out, I do see a bit of a difference in my biceps as well as my upper back just below my armpit. It is a bit more defined and resembles more of the “V” shape guys like.

Front Flex Before Aug 25thFront Flex After

Keep in mind, it’s also only been two weeks. And also remember, when I took these pics on August 25th, I was in a lot of pain.

From the Back

In the grand scheme of things, I really haven’t done an incredible amount of back work. I’m more random when I go to the gym of what I want to work on any given day.

That’s because my mind often bounces around too much. And, I like to find my baseline of what I can press on the different weight machines.

So, what about flexing from behind? Is there much of a difference after 2 weeks at the gym?

Back Flex Before Aug 25thBack Flex After

From behind, you can definitely see the difference in my arms and shoulders. And I can kind of make out a bit of improvement in my back, but not much. But, I really haven’t done a lot in terms of back exercises.

Well, aside from the lower back extension.

I still need to do something about those fat creases at the bottom, though. There is definitely a noticeable difference in the size of the crease, but I still don’t like the fact that I even have the crease.

Perhaps I’ll focus more on back work for the next couple of weeks. Better yet, maybe I should be less random at the gym and focus on specific muscle groups before the next series of pictures in 2 weeks.

I just don’t want to make myself bored of doing the same thing every time. Eh, I’ll figure it out.

My Gym Plan for the Next 2 Week

I know that if I want specific results for certain parts of my body, I need to focus more work on them. The last 2 weeks were essentially me finding my limits on the different weight machines.

Now that I know where my limitations lie, I can come up with a more viable plan.

For the next 2 weeks at the gym, I’ll focus on these five machines:

  • Ab Crunch
  • Lower Back Extension
  • Lat Pulldown
  • Chest Press
  • Fly

All of these exercises are at intervals of 3 sets of 20 reps.

I’m not sure if 2 weeks is going to be enough time to really see a noticeable difference. But, I know I can see the change in my shoulders and biceps today.

Maybe I can actually start to form a bit of a chest instead of this bit of a B-cup I have going on.

Why Don’t I Just Follow Workout Plans?

I love to explore what I can do and experiment on my own. If I follow someone else’s idea of a workout plan, it makes me feel like I’m living their lifestyle and not finding my own groove.

The best exercise routines are those that you enjoy. And since I like collecting data and figuring strategies out on my own, it’s what works best for me.

Keep in mind, I’m in no rush to be a muscle-bound Hulk. My needs and wants are pretty simple.

I have a lot of fun coming up with my own plan of action. I’m the same way with virtually everything in life, even gaming. It’s what gets my motor running and inspires me to go beyond my limitations.

Besides, I really can’t share what works best for me if I’m sticking to someone else’s plan. Then, I’ll be sharing what works best for that specific individual.

I know…I’m a bit strange. But hey, I’ve been setting personal records this whole time.

As long as you get something out of the experience, who’s to say you’re doing it wrong.

Why Only Five Weight Machines?

Because of everything I have to do on any given day, I really don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to the gym. On the days I go to Planet Fitness, I walk 1.2 miles (to and from the gym) and have just enough time to bust out 3 sets on five different machines.

In total, this takes up an hour of my morning. This is just barely enough time before I have to work. And since my evenings are often dedicated to live streams, I don’t have much time after I’m done working.

Essentially, it takes me about 40 minutes to use the five weight machines. As soon as winter comes, I might do more since I’ll drive instead of walk. But overall, I only have an hour to blow on exercising. So, I am selective as to what I want to use every time.

Here’s to Another 2 Weeks at the Gym

Personally, I’m quite proud of what I have accomplished so far. I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever stuck to a specific routine for going to the gym…ever. So far, it’s been every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I’m looking forward to the next couple of weeks. Let’s see if there are any profound changes.

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